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Pitbull, the millionaire entrepreneur behind the artist


Rapper Pitbull, in addition to being a popular artist, is a very successful businessman who does not stop investing and making money.

Armando Christian Pérez, Pitbull’s real name, intelligently uses the money he earns from his hit music by investing it in businesses that generate more income.

According to the site Celebrity Net Worth, Pitbull's estimated fortune is $100 million, ranking among the richest celebrities in the world.

And how did Mr. 305 make his fortune? Well, with talent, intuition, good luck, and maybe good advice. In a recent interview he said that the key to his success was the positive mindset that his mother and aunt instilled in him.

Pitbull has ventured into varied businesses. For a few years, he entered the beverage industry. This 2020 he partnered with HALO, the organic drink with electrolytes, and was named global ambassador of Espanita Tequila, with which he earns an equity in earnings.

In 2011 he became a co-owner of Voli Vodka, a low calorie vodka made in Miami.

Pitbull also has a stake in the restaurant chain Miami Grill, with various locations in Florida.

When it comes to tourism, the Cuban-American artist made his great mark on the Norwegian Cruise Line, of which he was a partner and godfather of the ship Escape in 2015. 

Pitbull has participated in two parties offshore on the Pearl and Jade ships in 2017 and 2018. That year, he made a surprise appearance during Bliss' maiden cruise from Seattle. Imagine what that party must have been!

If you're ever in New York City, take a tour of the exclusive gym GRIT BXNG of which Pitbull has been an investment partner since 2019. It specializes in boxing and, of course, the music of Mr. Worldwide.

Pitbull is also a motivational speaker and a collaborator in noble causes. The most recent was his donation of an exercise machine to public tuition-free charter schools program called SLAM! (Sports Leadership Arts and Management) throughout the United States.

To accomplish it he joined the accionary group of CLMBR, the ergonomic vertical climbing machine with access to fitness programs presented by instructors.

This cause has particular meaning for the artist born in Miami, since in 2013 he helped fund the SLAM! in Little Havana neighborhood in which he grew up with his Cuban immigrant parents.

The interpreter of “I Believe That We Will Win” has garnered success after success with his catchy songs that invite us to dance like crazy.

And with his optimism, there is no doubt he will continue to succeed in what he sets out to do. Have a positive mindset like Pitbull. ¡Dale!

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