Ad Placements

Be visible! Be known!

Advertise with us to increase your exposure. Let our readers know about your business, your products or services and be amazed by the power of advertising.

Select the desired ad zone, upload your banner and specify for how many days you want the ad to run on our website. Is that simple!

Currently, you can choose from 3 ad zones.
Each ad zone rotates 5 ads (see below).

Top Bar Banner - Size 768x90 px
Sidebar #1 Banner - Size 336x280 px
Sidebar #2 Banner - Size 336x280 px

When paying for the ad you can choose between weekly, monthly or yearly payment. Click on the "Start ad campaign" button to see the prices.


Click here to start the ad campaign

Each ad zone runs 5 rotating banners, showing them equally.  That means the banner you will upload will be one of the five banners shown in that ad zone. If you wish to have your banner appear more often, you can simply buy a new ad in the same ad zone.

Important! For the remaining of the 2016 the prices are cut in half. If you wish to secure the price, choose yearly payment and use the recurring option. For the paid ads the price will never change as long as there is no interruption. Once an ad expires, reactivating the ad means the new prices will be applied.