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Miami City Segway Tours

Miami’s City Segway Tours are a great way of exploring what the city has to offer. They take you through various spots around the city that are sure to bring enjoyment...

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4 Reasons You Should Visit Miami

For many people, it is an unforgettable experience. Even though it is just one city, Miami represents destinations from across the world. People who visit Miami discover...

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Calle Ocho Miami

Calle Ocho is also famous for its Cuban bakeries, street festivals, and famous “Ventanitas” that are too cute not to mention.

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Well-Respected Colleges in Miami

Miami’s metropolitan area houses 59 colleges, technical/vocational institutions, and universities. The 362,500 residents of Miami are one of the most diverse populations...

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Sporting Events in Miami

Miami’s own sports teams like Miami Heat and the Miami Dolphins, entertain the residents of Miami all year round. There are also several annual events that can help you...

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4 Things to Do in Little Havana

How you decide to expose yourself to the wonders of Little Havana does not matter. Whether you want to experience Cuban food in Miami or want to enjoy the feeling of...