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Cuban boxing star Yoenli Hernandez seeks Fists of Fury glory at Hard Rock LIVE after daring defection

Miami's Calle Ocho News catches up with rising pro Yoenli Hernandez making waves at Hard Rock LIVE in Hollywood, Florida

Yoenli Hernandez, the name synonymous with power and precision on the international boxing scene, is gearing up for another electrifying showdown. Fresh off a gold medal win at the 2023 World Championships and a dramatic defection from the Cuban delegation, Hernandez 26 going on 27 this month is now carving his own path in the professional ranks. Calle Ocho News caught up with the rising star ahead of his highly anticipated fight at the Fists of Fury event at Seminole Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida.

Love, opportunity, and a leap of faith

Hernandez's decision to leave the Cuban delegation after winning the 75kg division in the 2023 World Championship was a bold one, driven by both personal aspirations and the lure of professional boxing's vast potential. "I decided to stay in the USA for love," Hernandez revealed, "because my girl and baby had stayed.” Later, he started discovering opportunities and talking to promoters. This newfound freedom ignited a fire in Hernandez, leading him to pursue his professional boxing dreams with unwavering determination.

Sharing the spotlight with Fists of Fury's finestbat Hard Rock LIVE

The Fists of Fury event promises to be an action-packed extravaganza featuring eight thrilling bouts. Exuding excitement about the opportunity, Hernandez shared that he felt very happy and blessed. He expressed gratitude to God for giving him the chance to be there, exposed to several combats, and meet other boxers with similar styles. He further conveyed his pleasure at being part of the event. Stepping into the ring alongside such a talented pool of fighters is a testament to Hernandez's rapid rise in the professional ranks.

Hernandez's journey since the World Championships has been nothing short of spectacular. He acknowledges his initial surprise at the pace of his advancement, particularly the invaluable training session with renowned boxer Saul Canelo Alvarez. "Even though I was signing deals, I never expected to progress so fast," Hernandez expressed. This opportunity to train with a legend has undoubtedly shaped Hernandez's approach to the professional game.

Building on a winning foundation

His upcoming fight at Hard Rock Live marks a return to familiar territory for Hernandez, who secured a dominant victory over Alfredo Rodolfo Blanco at the same venue back in March. "My training style, discipline, and focus remain the same," Hernandez explained. "I want to be a Professional Boxing Champion – that's my ultimate goal." Consistency and a laser focus on the prize seem to be the driving forces behind Hernandez's impressive performance record.

A man in a red and black jacket sitting in a boxing ring, ready for a match.
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Independent spirit, aspiring champion

Transitioning to the independent professional circuit has significantly impacted Hernandez's approach to the sport. "Here, I feel more focused with respect to fighting because it's what I like to do," he declared. Working alongside his manager, Hernandez has set his sights on the ultimate accolade – becoming the Professional Boxing World Champion. This newfound autonomy is fueling his passion and dedication to the sport.

Standing out in the crowd

With a lineup brimming with talent, Hernandez is laser-focused on establishing his individuality on June 7th. He said that he wants people to get to know him better. He also mentioned that his last fight only lasted 23 seconds in the first round. This time, his goal for the Fists of Fury fight was reportedly to compete against these talented fighters and earn their respect and support. His hunger to prove himself and earn the recognition of his peers is a testament to his competitive spirit and unwavering belief in his abilities.

Sharpening the tools for victory

While Hernandez emphasizes that there isn't a "special technique" in play for the upcoming fight, he did mention incorporating "more professional skills and new requirements." He further elaborated that one key difference fans could expect to see was that he wouldn't be jumping around as much in the ring. This strategic shift signifies a calculated approach to professional boxing, where efficiency and precision are paramount.

A message to the fans

Hernandez expressed his deep appreciation for his fans, acknowledging their significant role in his journey. He reportedly promised to deliver a great spectacle, just as he had throughout his boxing career. Hernandez further implored his fans to keep supporting and believing in him, assuring them that he would always give his best effort. This dedication to his fans, he implied, would ensure their continued support throughout his boxing career.

Fists of Fury – A night under the lights

Taking place at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida, on June 7th, the Fists of Fury event offers a compelling lineup of eight exhilarating matches featuring top-ranked professionals and even female boxers. The event promises an electrifying atmosphere for boxing enthusiasts and sports fans alike.

Tickets for Fists of Fury are available for purchase and range from $81 to $506. Witness the power, skill, and determination of these athletes firsthand as they battle it out in the ring for ultimate glory. Don't miss this unforgettable night of boxing action!

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