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Connect all Hispanic communities and build cultural bridges along all nationalities.

Calle Ocho News began as a mostly Cuban market publication but rapidly began to reach all Hispanic communities and represent the very diverse Latin American culture in Miami Dade County. From Cubans to Puerto Ricans, Venezuelans, Colombians, Dominicans, Hondurans, Mexicans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Costa Ricans, Panamanians, Nicaraguans, Argentinians, and Brazilians.


The Calle Ocho News publication is a family-owned and operated Hispanic Community Newsprint and digital media outlet founded on July 31st, 1998 in the South Florida Miami Metropolitan Area by Mrs. Marta Rosa Rosell, President, and CEO of Pressnet Corporation, and Mr. Luis Thomas Pardo, Editor in Chief and founder who passed away on March 22nd, 2015, both natives from Cuba.

They became experts in newspaper design and the support of Miami’s entrepreneurs such as themselves through marketing for local businesses with the result being to fund their own newspaper. They learned that Miami didn’t have any publication depicting its folklore, so they decided to call it Miami- Dade Calle Ocho, combining the name of this wonderful city and one of its worldwide famous streets.

Nowadays it is no longer Miami Dade Calle Ocho the newspaper it is Calle Ocho News the platform that has spread its wings into reaching Hispanics through our social media channels, our website, and now community events to bring us all together. Our platform is a community platform equipped to bridge the gaps between cultures and blend people across nationalities. It inspires, connects, and communicates the true essence of our city, “Its people”.


We aim to connect the community, preserve art and culture, encourage the entrepreneurial spirit by telling the stories that matter most about “People”. Last but certainly not least we create experiences that bring people together.

We provide THE PLACE where we can all tell people's stories, share ideas, host events, report news, and publish opinions. With over 200k monthly impressions we are guaranteed to bring your business a bigger audience through our platform.

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Rosi Rosell

Rosi Rosell
Editor in Chief.