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Big Ass Fans swoop in to cool overheated Miami shelter dogs

Industrial fans ease concerns about the Medley shelter dog facility's lack of air conditioning

Miami-Dade County Animal Services (MDAS) is facing the summer heat with a sigh of relief thanks to the generosity of a local company Big Ass Fans and the passionate advocacy of concerned citizens. With temperatures in Miami routinely exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the plight of over 135 dogs housed in the county's overflow shelter in Medley, which lacks air conditioning, sparked public outcry. Big Ass Fans answered the call for help by providing industrial fans to the facility.

Overflow shelter feels the heat

The Medley facility serves as a critical overflow location for Miami-Dade's primary shelter in Doral. Together, these shelters care for over 800 animals, many of whom dream of finding loving forever homes. However, the lack of air conditioning in Medley presented a significant concern as South Florida entered what is predicted to be a scorching summer.

Director of MDAS Annette Jose explained that the Medley facility was designed as an open-air space. While it typically benefits from a good breeze, the summer months could be harsh, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit even on that particular day.

One of the concerned citizens, Barbara Rodriguez, couldn't ignore the plight of the dogs. She contacted NBC 6 Responds, a local news program that advocates for community needs, to highlight the urgent need for cooling solutions at the Medley shelter. She emphasized that these animals need immediate help.

Shelter volunteers, already stretched thin, were doing their best to combat the heat. They provided the dogs with iced water and cooling mats, but these measures were insufficient in the face of extreme temperatures.

News of the situation spread quickly through social media. "Only in Dade," a local social media platform, shared the plight of the dogs, urging the community to help. The call to action focused on the need for industrial fans to create better air circulation within the shelter.

A Big Ass Fan portable air conditioner in a room, providing cool air on a hot day.

Big Ass Fans answers the call

The power of social media proved effective. Big Ass Fans, a Kentucky-based company known for its high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) industrial fans, responded immediately to the online pleas. The company stepped forward, donating four industrial-sized fans to the Medley shelter.

Big Ass Fans’ social media administrator Chloe Bates stated that the company had been flooded with messages on social media from both volunteers and concerned citizens. This outpouring of concern made it clear to Big Ass Fans that they needed to take action and help the shelter.

The donated fans are designed to create significant air circulation, potentially lowering temperatures within the shelter by up to 33 degrees Fahrenheit. This significant improvement will provide much-needed relief for the dogs during the long, hot summer months.

MDAS expressed its deep appreciation for the generous donation from Big Ass Fans and the outpouring of support from the community.

The plight of the shelter dogs in Medley shone a light on the importance of community action. Big Ass Fans' generous donation and Barbara Rodriguez's advocacy efforts demonstrate the power of collective concern. By staying informed and taking action, we can all play a role in creating a more compassionate and responsible Miami for animals and their human companions.

For those looking to make a difference, mark your calendars for Medley’s next adoption event scheduled on June 15th.

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