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Some of the Best Restaurants in Little Havana

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For culinary experiences that stick with you for a lifetime – head to Little Havana in Miami. The neighborhood of Little Havana is quickly evolving, and we are here to keep track of everything you should know. It consists of exciting places like Calle Ocho, and the surrounding areas, which are full of devour-worthy food with some of the best restaurants in Little Havana. 

Be it the finest Cubanos Miami has to offer or the Asian and Spanish treats that take you on a world tour through your taste buds – Little Havana is full of larger than life experiences. But no one treks all the way to Little Havana for the food – do they? If you are looking to burn some calories after your hearty meals – head over to the musical venues that celebrate Latin cultures and salsa music. 

And who is forgetting the delicious cocktails the bars have to offer? 

Little Havana offers the best of Miami in one friendly neighborhood, and we are here to highlight some of our favorites. 

1. Sanguich de Miami

sanguich de miami - Some of the Best Restaurants in Little Havana

A picturesque, small restaurant that offers the best from the Cuban world of sandwiches – Sanguich De Miami has been one of our all-time favorites and definitely one of the best restaurants in Little Havana. They also make batidos that are the Cuban version of milkshakes. If you are looking for the best sandwich in Miami – we recommend that you try their sandwiches. 

Their Cubanos mainly consist of homemade ingredients like:

  • Cured Ham
  • Pork that is brined-in-house
  • Artisanal Mustard 
  • Fresh Pickles 
  • Cuban bread specifically made for every sandwich

We’ve never seen any eatery in Miami pay such close attention to a sandwich!

2. Lung Yai Thai Tapas

lung yai thai tapas miami - Some of the Best Restaurants in Little Havana

Paying an ode to Thailand in the best way possible, Chef Bas’s restaurant serves delicious curries that keep you coming back for more. Being equally intimidating and generously hospitable, Chef Bas is hell-bent on making this dining experience one that you will never forget. It is open until 2 AM on the weekends, but there are some rules that you’ll have to follow. 

You will have to wait for a table after you’ve signed up on the list that is beside the door. Try not to litter in the restaurant and enjoy whatever comes to your table – your tastebuds will be tantalized! Definitely another top pick as one of the best restaurants in Little Havana.

3. Doce Provisions

doce provisions miami - Some of the Best Restaurants in Little Havana

Nestled in the heart of Miami’s Cuban vibe, Doce Provisions has worked hard on creating a name for itself, and it has clearly succeeded because of the consistently excellent service it provides. The restaurant, owned by head chefs Lisetty Liampala and Justin Sherrer, are two individuals keen on providing  Miami locals with food that is genuine and uplifting. 

Apart from the delicious food it has to offer, it also has live music and a local craft beer that helps it stay famous amongst the locals in Miami.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Start exploring the wonders of Little Havana before another pandemic takes away the freedom,we’ve always taken for granted!

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