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The Umbrellas of Little Havana Art Festival will go on

Umbrellas of Little Havana Festival

Local artists will come together at the Umbrellas of Little Havana Art Festival on Dec. 4-6, 2020

The 8th Annual Umbrellas of Little Havana Art Festival is set to occur from Dec. 4 until Dec. 6, 2020. The event will be at the Futurama 1637 Art Building at 1637 Calle 8 in Little Havana. This iconic art festival features a display of hand-painted patio umbrellas.

The free outdoor exhibit will celebrate local artists as well as Art Basel culture in Miami. Artists will use many different mediums to hand-paint umbrellas of Little Havana and other art pieces. Visitors will have the opportunity to view and buy artwork. 

Beyond art, this festival is a collaboration of the community. Musicians, authors, and performers are welcome. It will also feature many free educational presentations. The Havana Collection will host a lesson on “The History of Guayaberas”. Salao Restaurant will promote Cuban culture through music and a violin ensemble. Mofongo Puerto Rican Restaurant will present a history of Bomba y Plena and have live music. 

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There will be many local artists present to show off their talent. Participating artists include Anne Woungly-Masaga, Katey Penner, Annie M., Aaron Hill, Raul Bravo, Oscar Deroy, Martin Cano, Crystal Garcia, Julio Roberto and many more. 

In previous years, visitors from all over the world have enjoyed this festival. Due to COVID-19, there may be fewer travelers and tourists at the festival. Locals are encouraged to come support their local artists in a safe and socially distant way. 

The first Umbrellas of Little Havana Art Festival took place in 2013. Since then, well-known artists in Miami have trademarked umbrellas as their own. For example, one artist featured in previous years was Artistides Pumariega, a caricaturist. Another was muralist Atomik.

The festival's founder is Pati Vargas Entertainment, an organization dedicated to artist development in Miami. For more information, contact Pati Vargas at or visit the Umbrellas of Little Havana Art Festival Instagram page @umbrellasoflittlehavana.

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