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Fashion on a budget during times of crisis

Low budget fashion

The pandemic has forced many women to turn to fashion on a budget, but this doesn’t mean that we have to be boring or buy poor quality items. Here we bring you some ideas!

Take a look at your wardrobe and try to give it a clever change. If you are working remotely or going to the office you can look good without spending a lot of money and succeeding at trying to achieve fashion on a budget.

Essential basics

The reason to buy the basics is because they can be combined with different clothes to create new looks and wear them all year round. Before buying, take a good look in your closet because you may already have some of these:

  • Classic White Shirt
  • White T-shirt 
  • Black T-shirt
  • Blue Jeans 
  • Jean Jacket
  • Neutral-colored Jacket or Blazer
  • Black Pants
  • Classic Black Dress
  • Skirt of your choice 
  • Black Leather Bag
  • Black or natural color low-heeled shoes (ballerinas)

Black and white

They never go out of style and get you out of trouble. You can wear black pants with a black shirt, black shoes, and combine with gold accessories. The same with the white color, but with silver accessories.

Classic Jeans

Jeans come with a simple cut and dark blue in color and can be combined with colorful shirts or blouses and jackets to achieve your fashion on a budget look.

Worn jeans

Worn or washed jeans are also a nice addition to your wardrobe. As it is a lighter blue, you can combine it with other basic informal garments (t-shirts) if you want to wear casual and low-heeled shoes, such as ballerinas or tennis shoes. To make the outfit more elegant, simply put on some striking heels and accessories. 


Having a classic cut skirt, A-line or pencil – according to your preference – is essential for the warm summer months. Choose a slightly strident color so that it does not attract attention so you can combine it with basic tops as much as you want.

Thrift stores

Who doesn't know a Goodwill in Miami? If you have donated, maybe it’s time for you to take a tour as a buyer because the prices are incredible! You can find patterned shirts for $9 and dress pants for $12 or less. Embrace patience because the coat racks are big.

The clothing is used and if you're lucky, you can even find great brand or designer clothes at ridiculously low prices. You just have to be there on the exact day and at the right time because you never know when these garments will arrive. 

Online stores

The pandemic has forced us to buy everything on the internet, and although stores and shopping centers have already opened, many people continue to choose to buy online. If you have a favorite clothing brand, surely you can buy online and at a very convenient price. If not, Amazon is always there! Keep in mind that what is sold online is not always in the store. Take advantage of sales and discount coupons.

You already have these ideas, but remember that the most important thing is to feel comfortable. Do not buy something just because it is fashionable or is trending. Feeling good and safe is essential. 

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