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Erica Jones gives us another perspective to thrift stores in Miami

Erica Jones

The creator of Story Behind the Look whom we know as Erica Jones says thrift stores in Miami can provide a form of self-care and encourages you to take part in it.

Story Behind the Look is a blog that was created by Erica Jones, also known as the “Vintage Black Girl”. The platform explores creativity through fashion and Jones aims to use it to teach her followers how to find their identity, self-love, and inner beauty through secondhand shopping. Jones uses the blog to take her viewers on the same journey she has been on since she started thrifting in her sophomore year of college but this time with thrift stores in Miami.

Jones began thrifting because she wanted to create an identity that went beyond the negative and hurtful insults people made toward her.

“As a dark-skinned woman, it has never been easy. I’ve been bullied and name called my entire life.”

Erica Jones

This bullying is what made Jones realize that she was different from others because of her complexion. Her solution was to give the world something besides her skin to look at—her attire. Through dressing in “fun fashion,” Jones gives people the opportunity to understand who she really is.

Making the switch to thrifting is what Jones says changed her mind set about who she was. 

erica jones blue - Erica Jones gives us another perspective to thrift stores in Miami

“I had to change my narrative because I’m more than a black face. We all have a story, which is why I started Story Behind the Look.”

Erica Jones

Beyond telling your story, Jones adds that thrifting is sustainable for the planet. Throwing clothes in the trash hurts the environment, so she encourages people to donate instead to places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

Unfortunately, Jones knows that thrifting is often looked down upon for being “dirty”. However, she adds that the solution is simple: wash, steam, or dry clean the clothes prior to wearing them.

While being sustainable, thrifting can also save you money, and can be enjoyable as a form of self-care. For Jones, thrifting brings her peace and relaxation. Because her beliefs align with the Goodwill mission, she is happy to give back to the community through thrifting. 

Goodwill® works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.

“Every time I go thrifting, I’m doing something for me and contributing to a bigger cause”. 

Erica Jones

During today’s times, the bigger cause is the pandemic, which has caused many people to lose their jobs. Now more than ever, Jones believes it is important to encourage people to thrift because it could save them money and build their spirits back up after a long few months. 

During the pandemic, Jones decided that she wanted to reach out to more people and be a source for them to develop an understanding of secondhand shopping. Story Behind the Look is where she can do that. 

“Each week when I post a new blog, my hope is to encourage people to thrift, donate, follow their dreams and motivate others to love themselves unapologetically.”

Erica Jones

To view Story Behind the Look and learn more about thrifting, visit Story Behind the Look website or follow Erica Jones @StoryBehindtheLook on Instagram. 

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