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Maya’s Place Foundations of Healing Retreat

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Spend a weekend in the mountains redeveloping your connection with yourself or your partner at a healing retreat

During these trying times, it is of immense importance that everyone works hard to remain connected to themselves and stay strong on the level of their mental health. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused much stress, loss, and pain on people in communities everywhere. Usually, people do not know how to cope with these devastating feelings and could benefit from a healing retreat. 

The retreat will occur on the weekend of October 22nd until the 24th and is priced at $375. With this payment, you will have access to daily yoga sessions, sound bowl meditations, personal, spiritual, gratitude and water ceremonies, a self-love ceremony, trail visits and a celebratory dinner to close out the retreat. 

foundations of healing retreat - Maya’s Place Foundations of Healing Retreat

According to Maya, the goal of the retreat is to allow attendees the chance to bond with nature in a way that will heal their spirits and set their soul on a new path, one free of the stress and pain that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. Each day, there will be practices and “deep subconscious exercises” that will aid in the reconnection of your mind to your soul. 

“Using the energy of nature, the healing is amplified”. 

Maya Rodriguez

The retreat will be held in the mountains, a perfect setting for a weekend of easing tensions within yourself. Further, this retreat is a co-ed experience, so men are welcome. This provides couples an opportunity to revamp their connection to each other, all the while working to increase and develop their individual growth. 

green mountain - Maya’s Place Foundations of Healing Retreat

At times so uncertain and inevitably stressful, Maya’s Place is allowing you an opportunity to be relieved of your stressors and become one with yourself or your partner again. 

For more information, contact Maya on Instagram (@mayashealingplace) or via email at

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