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If you’re looking for a way to cleanse your body of negative vibes and better your health during the COVID-19 pandemic, Maya’s Place is the perfect place to go to. Maya Rodriguez, the owner, started her business in order to help others heal from their trauma and gain “angelic guidance” in their lives.

“[Our mission] is to teach people that you can always change everything that doesn’t vibe with you anymore,” said Rodriguez. “That life is so wonderful, and you have more control than you think. It’s all in the way you see your energy.”

Rodriguez started on this mission because she always found herself trying to help people since she was little. While working a corporate job, for example, Rodriguez would use her life experiences to help her coworkers enlighten their own lives.

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She does exactly that through the variety of services she provides to her customers. These services include angelic readings, Akashic records, energy alignments, reiki, and crystal and sound healing therapies.

Rodriguez herself is a reiki master, which is a “Japanese technique that promotes stress relief as well as physical and emotional healing,” according to the Maya’s Place website, which you can visit for further information about pricing and services. Maya’s Place offers a deeper healing membership which provides a loving and supporting community to be a part of, called Maya’s Healing Club. For just a monthly fee of $45, customers can participate in a two-hour meeting once a month with a group of fellow consumers in order to help encourage each other to heal and support one another in the process.

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Rodriguez works hard to help patrons rejuvenate their health, but she does have a team that helps her give the best experience possible. This team includes a yoga teacher, personal trainer, life coach, and a chiropractor. According to Rodriguez, her team makes Maya’s Place magical.

However, many people don’t know that this magic comes from a past of hardship. Rodriguez is an escapee of the Bosnian War which occurred in 1992-1995. This experience is what compelled Rodriguez to start her journey of helping people. The first step she took was to publish her book, “Grenades as Lullabies,” available worldwide, in which she details her experience escaping the war in Bosnia.

Through this book and her healing ideals, Rodriguez accomplishes the mission of Maya’s Place.

“[I’m] giving my heart to as many people as possible so they can feel loved,” said Rodriguez. “Love is what makes anything possible.”

It is this love and passion that allowed Rodriguez the success of her business. To people who aim to establish a business, she gives a word of advice: don’t compare yourself because you are unique from others. Just as Maya’s Place promotes, never doubt yourself and always keep a positive attitude no matter what.

“Believe that the universe is there to help you always,” said Rodriguez. “Most importantly, you are always loved.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Maya’s Place is still providing services to clients through phone, FaceTime, and Zoom classes. Rodriguez believes her energy work, readings and coaching are important during this time for people to heal from the traumas of this pandemic and learn how to return to their true selves.

“Time is now to self-reflect and grow,” said Rodriguez. “Maya’s Place is here to help.”

For more information about Maya’s Place, visit the website, Facebook or Instagram page.

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