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Bunion Surgery

We at Calle Ocho News aim to provide you with the resources and tools to make life easier.  In this edition we want to inform and educate you on a matter that affects many.  I have had bunions my whole life, so I know from experience how uncomfortable and self-conscious it can make you.  Being a woman that likes to wear heals I must say that wearing heals got to be so painful that I had to stop all together about 8 years ago. I also had to stop a lot of activities that I could no longer handle. I kept putting off the  bunion surgery for many reasons.

First, if you ask anyone about bunion surgery this is what you will get from most people.

“It is super painful”

“I did one foot but I could not complete the other because it was too painful”

Or simply

“Don’t do it”!!!”

Bunions can be quite painful, after all—especially those that have become severe. In the worst-case scenario, your ability to simply walk, exercise, and enjoy your favorite activities may be taken away from you. Bunions are unsightly and may cause embarrassment or loss of self-confidence in social situations. You may find that you can’t wear your favorite pair of high heels anymore because they are too painful to wear, and you’re too shy to wear your favorite pair of sandals.

Second, I did not want to miss work or gain weight.  I had also personally met with like 5 doctors that I just did not feel comfortable with. It was not until I met Marizeli Olacio of Omega Medical Group (OMG) that I was convinced I had found the right doctor for me. 


Meeting Marizeli was a real pleasure. I guess that I felt very comfortable with her because she really took the time to explain things to me. She told me that I had bunions for several reasons that are not just hereditary and then she explained in detail what she would do.  I did the right foot in September 2018 and the left foot in December 2018.   After seeing the result of the first surgery she confessed that they call her “Tinker Belle” in the office because of her ability to make practically seamless scars possible. I guess being a woman really sets her apart in this area.

Because bunions are progressive deformities, surgery is the only way to fix them and restore the natural shape of your foot. This can be scary for a lot of people—whether you’re concerned about the safety of surgery itself, the aesthetics or scarring of your foot afterward, or both.

The team at OMG understands, and because of that, they are committed to providing the highest caliber bunion surgery services using advanced techniques.

Compared to conventional bunion surgeries, the OMG team can help you:

  • Heal faster
  • Get back on your feet sooner, even in your high heels.
  • Minimize scar tissue and the appearance of scars
  • Significantly reduce the risk of complications and post-operative pain
  • Avoid hospitalization and reduce costs

Sound like something you’d be interested in. In part, here’s how they do it.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques

In a traditional open bunion surgery, the podiatric surgeon must make a large incision across the top or side of your foot—big enough to access all the bones, tendons, and ligaments using traditional surgical tools.  But a surgeon trained in minimally invasive techniques only needs a smaller opening and makes the incision with the patient’s skin lines to have minimum scarring.

Clarix Flo for Pain Management and Healing

Clarix Flo is a regenerative medicine injection therapy that has really been a game changer for patients.

Made from safely donated umbilical cord and amniotic tissue and developed over more than 25 years of medical research, Clarix Flo is packed with regenerative growth factors, cytokines, and the critical signaling complex -HC-HA/PTX3, to deliver more impactful biology in the form of Regenerative Growth factors.

If you want the fastest, safest, and most effective way to fix your bunion deformity and get back to your active lifestyle, give the OMG team a call today at (305) 514-0404.  As they deliver results that keep your feet in step for better health.


Rosi R. Rodriguez

Editor in chief


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