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Staying optimistic during the pandemic with things you can do in Miami right now

Miami Beach

After a raging pandemic that redefined what we used to call normal – it seems like Miami is slowly but surely starting to come back to life. From zoos to gardens and museums, there are several things to do in Miami right now. 

It doesn't matter if you're a local or a tourist; we can all agree that lounging on the warm beach sand while the cold water brushes against your feet are borderline essential if you're trying to have a good time in Miami. 

And even though the winters in Miami can be limited, talented artists bring out their fresh ideas in Wynwood's walls that fill colors in every Miamian's life. So if you’re trying to find some fun things to do in Miami  - this list might help you get started. 

Vizcaya Museum

One of Miami’s most iconic attractions this year has been a renaissance-style mansion in the middle of a luscious forest. The building takes up a total space of 43 acres, which includes colorful gardens and a terrace facing the bay. 

Because of its secluded location that can take you away from the city’s noise and transport you back into time, this particular location has seen a lot of tourists in the last few months. Since Miami was hit hard with COVID-19 just like most other cities in America, an escape from the hustle and bustle became essential for most people.

The Vizcaya Museum is known for its collection of antiques and decorative pieces from the 16th and 19th centuries. 

It also has some of the most Instagrammable staircases you’re ever going to find!

The Broken Shaker

What started out as a mere cocktail bar for busy working individuals has now turned into something more robust and long-lasting. The spot’s continued success as the backbone of Miami’s mid-beach renaissance vibe started a chain reaction because of which Miami saw many other cocktail bars with a similar vibe open up around the city. 

The courtyard where visitors can sit and have their favorite cocktails is covered with trees and the chairs are patterned to align with the vibe of the space. The list of cocktails that are offered by the bar changes often depending on the fruits and ingredients available. 

So if you’re trying to cool yourself off after a hot day at the beach – try paying The Broken Shaker a visit. 

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

What is often considered the crown jewel of Florida, Fairchild is an 83-acre garden that is owned by the botanist David Fairchild. This garden is full of beautiful tropical sights like an opulent rainforest, a museum for plants, a long vine pergola and many other attractions that make your trip worth the visit. 

Since the Fairchild gardens have become the go-to spot for several people who are looking for a place to calm down, the place can also be booked for weddings and different events. The garden also has a set of planners and organizers that can help make the day even more special for you. 

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