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The Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

Seafood on ice

Quite literally – Miami is a city surrounded by the sea. Fresh seafood that tastes amazing is a given in this city. Interestingly enough, the seafood in Miami is so popular that some tourists come for the weekend just to enjoy the delicious offerings chefs have. But even though there aren’t many ways you can go wrong while picking a good seafood restaurant in Miami, there is a rare collection of a few that stands out from the crowd. 

We’ve all enjoyed the wild waves from Miami beach. Losing yourself amongst the usual attractions of Miami that make the city memorable for every tourist is easy, but it isn’t necessarily the best way to soak up the magnanimous vibe of the thriving city of Miami. 

When you’re done working up an appetite – check out the seafood in Miami at the following restaurants.

Novikov – Miami

A Russian restaurateur created this exciting blend between Chinese and Japanese seafood – sounds confusing, right? Apart from Miami, Arkadiy Novikov has also opened up a restaurant with the same name in London, Moscow and Dubai. 

The waterfront right by the restaurant provides guests a great way to pass their time while their food is being cooked. Some of the dishes are topped with truffles and quail eggs, and for individuals who truly want to experience the most luxurious option, a caviar dressing is available, too. 

However, if you’re in the mood for brunch, you can also visit the restaurant on a Sunday between noon to 5 pm for a three-course brunch. So when you add all of that up – you get a ravishing view of the bay with mouth-watering flavors!

Kush by Spillover

If you’re looking for a more subtle seafood in Miami experience that can also offer different varieties for that one friend who doesn’t like seafood for some reason – Kush by Spillover is the place to be. Rather than just offering a delicious assortment of lobsters, fish, and prawns, the restaurant owners have been keen on including something for everyone on the menu.

Customers can also enjoy the large variety of mead, ciders and craft beers. What’s even more amazing is the fact that you can take your furry friend along with you because they also have a dog menu. If you take your pet during happy hour, they can eat for free!

La Camaronera

Think lobsters, shrimp, or trout – if it can swim in the ocean, we assure you you’ll find it in La Camaronera aka the most famous spot for seafood in Miami. Even though this joint is now famous for the food (it was even shown on Food Network!), that’s not how its story began. 

It started off as a counter-service restaurant that did not even have chairs in the initial months, but as its popularity reached the corners of the city, it blew up and became a loved restaurant. Even though you might leave the restaurant smelling like the ocean – we consider it a small price to pay for some of the most delicious seafood in Miami.   

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