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Miami Beach

Renowned for its Cuban influence, buzzing nightlife and delicious seafood, South Beach is paradise on earth. Just a few days in the city can make you realize why so many tourists flock every year towards the ever-so-famous Miami Beach. 

Miami Beach has always been a part of pop-culture. The city has welcoming residents that enjoy attention from tourists every year. Once visitors arrive at the beach, there are various activities they can be a part of, while staying socially distant. 

Since COVID-19 has been a disruption for many plans, visiting Miami Beach while adhering to all COVID-19 policies can seem difficult. 

Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered!

Wet Willie’s

A cool spot for a drink under the hot sun – if this doesn’t define Miami then we don’t know what will. Wet Willie’s in Miami has some of the best cocktails that are created by hand for every visitor who decides to visit the bar. Apart from being famous for its unique drinks, the bar is also renowned for its retro theme. 

However, if you aren’t interested in getting a drink made for you by hand, you can also get it directly from a dispenser and we assure you it’ll taste just as good! To make sure everyone in the bar stays safe, the management has also made it mandatory for all visitors to wear a mask. 

COVID-19 is still a risk!

Mac’s Club Deuce

Another interesting addition to Miami Beach is the breath-taking Blood Mary or Irish Coffee at Mac’s Club Deuce. This bar is often thought to be one of the oldest bars in Miami and several celebrities like Anthony Bourdain have been vocal about their love. The bar opens at 8 A.M every day of the week and the shindig doesn’t stop until 5 A.M in the morning. 

If you love spending the night away dancing to the beat of the rhythm – Mac’s is one spot you should definitely visit on Miami Beach!


Vibes of luxury, extravagance, and ecstasy flow through right you when you enter the magical nightclub Jazid. Nestled on the strip of Washington Avenue this legendary bar entices you enough to get up and start dancing. It has cozy lounges that play music loud and most of these collections are original. The club is famous for hosting local DJs. You don’t have to worry even if you have a differing taste – Jazid has something for everyone – doesn’t matter if you’re a reggae or a rock fan!

World Erotic Art Museum

If you’re looking to search for your wild side and look for a possible reason to chuckle while you’re on a date – consider paying the World Erotic Art Museum a visit. This unique attraction is full of paintings that were created by renowned artists and there are also props that are a part of pop culture. 

Apart from having an assortment of art pieces that make you feel uncomfortable, the museum also has artworks from thousands of years ago that can take you for a trip down memory lane! 

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