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Cuba Under the Stars premieres Dec.10

Being the first live event in nine months, Cuba Under the Stars will give you the ultimate feeling of nostalgia

Cuba Under the Stars is about to make its debut in the South Florida community on Dec. 10 through February 28th, 2021. It will premiere at the Fair Expo Center in Tamiami Park in a “dinner and a movie” format. Cuba Under the Stars invites guests to enjoy a meal and the production of a fine piece of musical theater.

The production hopes to be the core of entertainment during the holiday season. The production team hopes to bring viewers a feeling of nostalgia for “yesterday’s Cuba”. They plan to do this through theater, music, and gastronomy.

The synopsis for the event is as follows: 

The play tells the story of a Cuban-American woman who is loyal to her Cuban roots but fails to comprehend what it really means to be a part of the Cuban Culture. She has a friend who is a young Cuban who recently came from the island. This friend tries to explain to her the essence of Cuban Culture on their first date.

An outdoor platform will be set up and equipped for an audience of up to 400 people. The seating arrangements will adhere to all social distancing guidelines. The audience can expect hand sanitizer stations throughout. Waiter service will keep people from standing.

The cast will be testing for COVID-19 45 days before the show and every 15 days after that. When not on stage, dancers and actors will be wearing masks. Crew members will always be wearing masks.

The event is produced by Peter Regalado and Miguel Ferro, two theater producers. The orchestra consists of 18 musicians working under the direction of Marlen Urbay. Urbay is the founder and music director of the Florida Chamber Orchestra.

Of 500 professionals who auditioned, 24 dancers earned a spot in the show. These dancers recognized the great opportunity to hone their craft since Broadway closed. They will perform under the direction of Antonio Drija. Drija is a choreographer and Cirque Du Soleil actor.

Luis Bofill & Ama
Luis Bofill and Amaury Gutierrez

Ana Quincoces is the renowned chef and cookbook author that will make the Cuban meal that accompanies the theatrical performance.

The 2-hour production will be reoccurring on Thursday through Sunday from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. from Dec. 10 to Feb. 28.

There will be many musical numbers by award-winning singers and songwriters. Among the list are Albita Rodriguez, Amaury Guiterrez, Luis Bofill, and Grethel Ortiz. Featured actors include Andrea Ferro of Little Women and Cuban-born actor Jeffry Batista. Costumes will be designed by a team from Nobarte Interior Designs—Jorge Noa and Pedro Balmaseda.

For more information about the production, visit Cuba Under the Stars or @cubaunderthestars on Instagram. 

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