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Cuban clothing designer Judith Cabrera gives back

Local clothing designer Judith Cabrera hopes her fashion expertise can bring happiness to the Miami community

In 2005, Judith Cabrera came to the United States from Cuba to seek out a better life for her and her family. Since coming to Miami, Cabrera has established herself as a clothing designer. This is a job she has been passionate about since she was a young girl.

At nine years old, Cabrera won a sewing contest in Cuba. This made her realize that she loved being a fashion designer and wanted to pursue it. This career wasn’t an option in Cuba, so coming to the U.S. turned out to be the best thing for her to do.

Judith Cabrera

Now, Cabrera focuses on dressing clients who are around ages 30 to 50. Some of her clients are artists, some are musicians, but she also dresses a lot of what she calls “regular people”.

“Everyone that I dress has a love for fashion and the arts in common. It’s about what’s behind the couture.”

Judith Cabrera

In fact, what goes into her work is what Cabrera takes pride in. Dressing both men and women, Cabrera provides made-to-measure clothing for each client. Each client has a unique piece made specifically for them. Cabrera is open to dressing clients of any age. She believes it is less about age and more about having a passion for fashion.

Cabrera's passion comes from her pride in the clients she has dressed. Cabrera has dressed Puerto Rican musician Pedro Capó and Homero Gallardo, a Latin Grammy-nominated recording guitarist and music producer. Gallardo has produced for Maluma, Nicky Jam, Marc Anthony, and more. 

Although Cabrera has not dressed any women artists yet, she hopes to do so soon.

Unfortunately, she is still unsure what that future will look like. COVID-19 put Cabrera out of work for months because her job requires one-on-one meetings with clients. She found it hard to meet clients or have them come to the studio during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Judith Cabrera

Cabrera had also planned to host a fashion show in April and donate the proceeds. This event was canceled for health and safety reasons. Thankfully, she has been able to tend to clients more now, even though business is still slow.

Cabrera hopes that she will be able to dress more clients soon, as it is what she loves to do. Her favorite part about being a clothing designer is making people feel special. She believes fashion is a form of self-expression. Getting to design clothes for a client that they feel special in and makes them happy. Seeing their happiness makes Cabrera happy, too.

In the future, Cabrera hopes to bring people happiness on a larger scale. Right now, she is working on many projects that she hopes will contribute to making the community better.

“I’m really focused on trying to, through my designs and art, help the community in any way that I can. I need to have a purpose in my fashion. If not, it’s just clothing.”

Judith Cabrera

For more information about Cabrera, visit her Instagram page @judithcabreraofficial or her website: Judith Cabrera

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