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A city like Miami demands your attention. It’s full of breath-taking culture and breezy beaches that the world has learned to love. Be it restaurants, art, or magnificent hotels – Miami has it all. It has so much that making sure you experience Miami like a true Miamian is almost impossible if you haven't been a part of the tours of Miami. 

Fashion, culture, and history – the tours of Miami take you headfirst into the streets of Miami. These tours are full of exciting points that you can only experience if you visit Miami with a true professional who knows their way around the city. So if you’re hoping to experience Miami in the best way possible – we recommend checking out these tours that promise endless fun!

Urban Tour Host

wall art miami - Fashion, Culture, And History Tours of Miami

Keen on presenting a tour experience that is completely customizable; Urban Tours specialize in providing tours that are Caribbean, African-American, or Latin themed. These tours can either be enjoyed privately or in groups, and VIP tours are also an available option for visitors. 

This tour includes areas like:

  • Little Haiti
  • Little Havana
  • Coconut Grove
  • Liberty City
  • South Beach
  • Downtown Miami
  • Everglades

And several other spots. They have been taking visitors around the city since 2003, and this tour can also be tailored for corporate events, school groups, or non-profit organizations. Whether you’re taking a walking tour, a bus tour, or a culinary tour – Urban Tour can provide a tailor-made experience that fulfills all of your needs!

Big Bus Tours Miami

big bus tours - Fashion, Culture, And History Tours of Miami

The Big Bus tour in Miami is the ultimate hop on hop off bus tour that can give you a trip of Miami beach and the inner city. When you’re roaming the city on the bus, the bus takes you through Coconut Grove and Little Havana. 

When you’re in Little Havana, you can visit the Maximo Gomez Domino Park or the Bay of Pigs Museum. You can also try out the variety of different flavors Little Havana has to offer. Maybe even do some shopping at The Havana Collection and take home an authentic Guayabera you can get fitted for by Fidel Asis the owner himself. This 90-minute tour starts every 30-minute interval. This also gives you lots of flexibility to plan your day around this tour accordingly. 

Miami Culinary Tours

With a ravishing tour that takes you through South Beach, Design District, and Wynwood, the Miami Culinary Tour is one you should not miss! One of the best ways you can explore and understand a city’s culture is through the food it has to offer. 

With a tour through the culturally diverse areas of Miami, you get to see Miami in its most raw form. This tour is two-and-a-half-hours long, and it’ll take you through Calle Ocho, where you’ll get to taste the food at different restaurants and even see El Callejon del Gallo

You can try out the pastries at Yisell Bakery, or the tropical fruits Los Pinerenos Fruteria has to offer. There’s a lot more this tour has to offer, and we bet you’ll leave the tour feeling completely satisfied. Just make sure you come to the tour with an empty stomach! 

Keep your eyes peeled, and these tours will take you through the fashion, culture, and history the tours of Miami has to offer. 

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