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Ball & Chain closed their doors until further notice

Ball and Chain

Miami Dade authorities ordered that the iconic bar Ball & Chain close, but owners assure that this is a form of political vengeance

As if the on-going pandemic wasn’t enough, the closure of Ball & Chain at the end of October brought much sadness to the Little Havana community and its nightlife.

The place had already been forced to close prior due to the pandemic and recently reopened with a 50 percent capacity. Having to close again forces another setback and hurts the entire local economy.

The argument made by the Miami Dade officials about closing the bar inaugurated in 1935, was that it was in violation of fire safety codes and compliance with the fire safety codes and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Bill Fuller, one of the co-owners of Ball & Chain, ensures that all the papers and permits are in order, and that the closure of his business is due to a political revenge of Commissioner Joe Carollo because he and Zack Bush, the other owner, supported to the opposition candidate to the republican politician in past elections.

There is a lot of corruption in the city of Miami, starting with the commissioner of this district. He's a total cucaracha, and also a lot of the administration that he has operated in fear, so they essentially work under his behest

Bill Fuller @ Channel 7 News

Bush published details of Ball & Chain´s renovations and permits in a lengthy post on his Facebook account on October 28th:

“When due to government order and for COVID safety reasons, B&C was forced to shut down earlier this year we decided to use the down time to work on a number of construction items to improve the venue. To be clear, prior to COVID, B&C had been cited by the City for doing construction without a permit and as a result we had agreed to redo EVERYTHING the city wanted in the way that the City wanted it done,” says Zack Bush.

However, Miami City Manager Arthur Noriega issued a statement on October 26 stating that this is not the first time that Ball & Chain owners have violated regulations.

“Our actions were taken to ensure life safety. While the City is sympathetic to the employees and customers of Ball and Chain and other local businesses during these difficult times, our overarching duty remains to protect the safety our residents”.

Art Noriega City Manager
isabella sideway - Ball & Chain closed their doors until further notice


The closure of Ball & Chain, situated on the famous Calle Ocho, affects more than 100 employees and their families. 

We are seeking the help of the whole community to reopen Sign the petition here!

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