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Dynamic Wellness remains a community ally

Dynamic Wellness

Founder of Dynamic Wellness Luis Alonzo discusses his efforts to support the community during the pandemic.

In late August, Dynamic Wellness, a local healthcare center, opened its parking lot to patrons for COVID-19 testing. The clinic continues to conduct swab tests and blood prick tests for people in the community who believe they had exposure to the virus.

Dynamic Wellness has done close to 4,000 COVID-19 tests, according to Alonzo. At one point during the peak of the pandemic in Miami, they were doing up to 400 tests per day. Now, they are conducting anywhere from 5 to 15 tests per day.

Dynamic Wellness was one of the first private healthcare centers to provide testing. Since Dynamic Wellness stays up-to-date with developments in the medical field, Alonzo believes providing this testing is helpful for the community. They always aim to have the best and most accurate versions of the COVID-19 testing kits.

As businesses started reopening in Miami, Dynamic Wellness has implemented other safety precautions. During the peak of the pandemic, the front door was locked to prevent too many patients from entering. Now though, they have decided to unlock their doors to allow for easier movement in and out of their office.

The center makes sure to take the temperatures of patrons as they enter to note any fever a patron may have. Masks are still required in public areas and there is hand sanitizer at each intake station. Each station is six-feet apart.

Alonzo notes that there are fewer recorded cases now as compared to the peak of the pandemic. There are even fewer people getting tested at Dynamic Wellness. Alonzo believes that anyone with the slightest sign of symptoms should be sure to get tested.

He adds that someone experiencing symptoms may worsen their condition or expose others to the virus.

“This is a serious pandemic,” he said. “Go get tested because you’re dealing with your life.”

For more information, visit or check out their Instagram page @dynamic_wellnesss to learn more.

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