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Dynamic Wellness supports the community and the MMA

Dynamic Wellness

Dynamic Wellness is conducting COVID-19 tests in their parking lot as well as implementing CDC guidelines at MMA fights

Dynamic Wellness is a healthcare center known for its anti-aging clinic, where people can experience innovative health and rehabilitation treatments that will ensure they have a more comfortable life. During this time they have added COVID-19 support and testing to their resume during the pandemic, as they have opened their parking lot to patrons wishing to be tested for COVID-19. 

According to founder Luis Alonzo, the health center set up a tent in the parking lot of their establishment, where they do the swab test as well as a blood prick test. The swab test, priced at $250, is suggested for people who are constantly exposed to the virus, as it begins to pick up antigens and antibodies after just two days of exposure. This test has a 48-hour turn around.

On the other hand, Alonzo believes that the blood prick test is best for people who believe they have been exposed seven to ten days prior to receiving the test. If someone has no symptoms after seven to ten days from the initial exposure, Alonzo notes that the swab test could come up negative for antibodies, which is why he would suggest the blood prick test, which is priced at $55. 

In addition to being a COVID-19 testing facility, Dynamic Wellness facilitates the health program for the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). According to Alonzo, this means that they run vitals for the MMA fighters for three days straight. During this time, fighters are quarantining as best as they can. In order to be thorough, Dynamic Wellness conducts the swab test and the blood prick test on all fighters, to assure that there is no COVID-19 infection prior to the fights.

dynamic wellness testing covid - Dynamic Wellness supports the community and the MMA

Alonzo also notes that Dynamic Wellness implements the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and Florida Department of Health rules in the locations where the fights are held. The work being done by Dynamic Wellness is to ensure that the community stays safe from the COVID-19 infection, as well as assuring that sports and MMA fans are able to see their favorite fighters get in the ring in a safe manner.  

About Luis Alonzo and Dynamic Wellness

Luis Alonzo is the lead technician and founder of Dynamic Wellness health center. His many certifications include: an honors degree in Physiotherapy, a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Science, a certification as a Gastron technician, as well as certifications in other therapeutic methods. He founded Dynamic Wellness as a way to use his expertise to provide clients with a comprehensive and hands-on treatment. Learn more on their website

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