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Calle Ocho is the heart of Miami’s Cuban lifestyle.

Often addressed as a “national treasure” by bodies like the National Trust for Historic Preservation. This neighborhood is famous for its original Cuban restaurants. It is also famous for its Cuban bakeries, street festivals, and famous “Ventanitas” that are too cute not to mention. You can also experience most of the splendid experiences the city has to offer by taking a guided tour that is offered by Corrina Moebius. If you are not interested in taking a one-trip tour of all the attractions Calle Ocho has to offer – there is no need to worry! Calle Ocho has something for everyone, and if you are planning on visiting this beautiful neighborhood – you have come to the right place. 

We are taking you through the best spots on Calle Ocho, Miami, that are sure to make your trip amazing. 

Memorial Boulevard

Located on the intersection of Southwest 13th Avenue and Calle Ocho, Memorial Boulevard is Calle Ocho paying its respects to Cuban soldiers who fought in the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Even though these soldiers showed terrific acts of heroism in 1961, the neighborhood of Calle Ocho still remembers them in heartfelt memories. 

cuban memorial boulevard - Calle Ocho Miami

Throughout this road, you are going to find seven monuments that honor the Cuban independence fighter, Antonio Maceo Grajales. There are also monuments of Tony Izquierdo, who was an anti-communist crusader. 

Additionally, visitors can also see statues of the Virgin Mary and a map of Cuba that is 16 feet high. The map also has an inscription written on it, which says, “Homeland is agony and duty.” This inscription was written by Jose Marti. 

Music Festival

You could have guessed this was coming because music is one of the most prominent things Calle Ocho is famous for. Even if you were not thinking of visiting the Calle Ocho Music Festival you’re still going to hear lively music on almost every corner. 

music festival - Calle Ocho Miami

On the other hand, the music festival is the biggest Hispanic street festival. Every year, this festival enjoys the attendance of more than 1 million people. The people attending this festival enjoy the diversity and harmony of Hispanic culture. This festival happens every year in March but this year it will be held online as Calle Ocho LIVE due to the pandemic. Some of the attractions that you can expect to see at this festival are:

  • Street performers
  • Live Latin acts
  • Salsa Dancers
  • Latin street food

This festival is just one of the reasons people love visiting so much.

Cuban Cigar Shops

One of the many reasons Cuba is famous is for its cigars so they always stand out. Cuba has always been popular for producing premium quality cigars that, according to experts, have no replacement. In the past decade, counterfeits have become so widespread that it has become rare to find a genuine Cuban cigar.

Calle Ocho is one of those few places in America that you can be sure you will find genuine Cuban cigars. This is because it is dominated by the people who are experts in the art of making the perfect cigar. The neighborhood is full of family-owned cigar shops.

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