Tourists in Miami: 5 things you shoud know and not do

Tourists in Miami should make the most of their time in town with these tips and advice

Miami is one of the largest tourist destinations in the world, with an incredible landscape and entertainment opportunity for you to explore. For many tourists in Miami, however, there can be many things that are overwhelming and confusing and many scams that they can fall prey to.

Things tourists in Miami should be wary of:

Don’t forget to examine your restaurant bills

Don’t forget to review your restaurant bills any time you go out to eat. Miami is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and eating out doesn’t come cheap, so you should keep an eye out on spending. Review your bill to see what charges such as taxes, gratuity, and service charges are included and what you need to pay in addition to that, including tips. It’s important to keep track of receipts and invoices in case of an issue.  

Don’t ever step out without sun protection

Miami is h.o.t. and you’re more than likely to end up with a pretty nasty burn if you’re not careful. You need to use sunblock and sunscreen, especially if you’re outdoors for any amount of time, and some additional protection too. Hats, caps, sunglasses, and visors are some of the essentials everyone should carry because they’re going to keep you safe during the scorching heat. It keeps you safe during the heat and protects your skin, and plays a role in preventing dehydration as well.

Don’t forget to stock up on liquor and drinks

Let’s be real, as tourists in Miami you’re going to want to party. However, it’s not all fun and games when liquor stores are under curfew and shut down at 8 pm. This means your only options are bars and clubs, which are pricey and not always the first choice for many travelers. Instead, you can stock up on alcohol during the day, so you have access to your nightcaps, party drinks, and wine for the night without worrying.  

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Don’t limit yourself to just the metropolitan  

Miami’s metropolitan area is fantastic and includes places like South Beach and Miami Beach too, but it’s not all there is to see in the city. You can explore different neighborhoods like our very own Little Havana, Little Haiti, and plenty of other locations within Miami’s vicinity, such as natural parks and reserves. There’s a lot to explore within Miami-Dade alone, and if you’re a tourists in Miami, you should definitely diversify your options and explore beyond mainstream destinations.

Don’t stick to private transport in Miami

Miami isn’t exactly a walking city, so you will need ways to get around because it’s massive, but don’t use private transport. Park your car in a garage and avoid rental cars, making use of the extensive public transit system instead. From the Miami Metromover to the Miami Metrorail, bike rentals, Lyft and Uber, and other public transport, there’s a lot to choose from. Driving in Miami, especially as ftourists in Miami, will end up wasting your precious vacation time and who wants that?

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