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Visitors Have Mixed Responses to Miami Curfew and Liquor Sale Ban

Miami curfew garnered mixed reviews from locals and visitors

Despite an initial temporary injunction on the ban of alcohol sales in Miami, the ban has been reinstated along with a curfew that prevents sales of alcohol post 6 p.m. There are also other issues in place that come with this decision by the Commission to impose a curfew in Miami-Dade, generating mixed reviews from locals and tourists alike.

What the Miami curfew and alcohol ban states

The Miami curfew came into place after two random shootings that took place the weekend before last weekend, resulting in 5 people being injured. The City made the decision to impose a curfew and declare a state of emergency in the area, prohibiting alcohol sales after 6:00 p.m. and requiring businesses to shut down operations, and ensuring that their last customers leave by 11:59 p.m.

The ban on alcohol sales affects all businesses and stores except hotels which have the permission to serve guests alcohol. The Miami curfew also states that between 11:59 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. the next morning, visitors will not be allowed to access the area where the curfew is placed without proof of lodging, while locals and employees will be allowed special consideration.

There are rules to ensure guests are back in the City before the Miami curfew is in effect each night. Businesses will also have to shut down in time to ensure patrons do not violate these rules because of them.

A group of tourists socializing and hanging out at a beach in Miami.

How people are responding to these impositions

Locals and visitors alike have had a mixed response to these impositions, which are in place till Monday, 28th March 2022. Many businesses, especially liquor stores and grocery stores, feel unfairly targeted, while others agree with the City's decision to prevent further incidents from occurring.

Tourists are also divided, with some suggesting this is a great measure for their protection and safety, allowing them to enjoy spring break without worrying, while others believe that this will just create room for more escalation and won't control the issue at the source.

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