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The Miami Beach Alcohol Curfew Temporary Injunction Granted by Judge

The Miami Beach alcohol curfew temporarily being lifted is good news for some and bad news for others

With spring break rolling around, Miami is going to see herds of spring breakers making their way to the city to party it up. While that’s an annual occurrence that many people look forward to, especially for all the tourism-based revenue, there are a few problems that come with it too.

The cause for the Miami Beach alcohol curfew

The city commission gunned for the Miami Beach alcohol curfew on alcohol sales post 2 a.m., holding local bars, hotels, and restaurants responsible for alcohol-related grievances during the spring break season.

Drunken partygoers indulging in unsafe drinking practices have been known to cause disruption, disturb local residents, hurt law enforcement officers and other tourists and travelers. However, it’s been argued that it’s not single-purchase drinks from Miami’s bars and other institutions that people are consuming to cause trouble.

Instead, they’re purchasing alcohol in bulk, at wholesale prices, and supposedly mixing drugs and alcohol to make an even more dangerous concoction. Attorneys of The Clevelander Hotel have been leading the lift on this curfew.

What the temporary lift on the ban means

At present, the city commission plans to challenge this decision and reinstate the Miami Beach alcohol curfew because things have been under control in the city, and spring break is right around the corner.

However, business owners are hopeful since they continue to argue that it’s not bars, hotels, or restaurants but day-drinking and bulk purchases that lead to these conflicts.

However, if the ban is reinstated, it’s likely that businesses will take a hit during what is one of the most crucial times for tourism-based income. It’s a waiting game to see what’s decided in this case and how businesses and local communities react.

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