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Responsible Drinking Practices for Miami Partygoers

Make sure you remember these responsible drinking practices at the next party you attend in Miami

Parties that go on until early the next morning and promise bottomless booze sound great until they turn everyone into a lightweight. You don’t have to have a drinking problem to enjoy the alcohol that’s coming your way, but remember to pace yourself because that’s the only way to be in control of your faculties and not do anything you might regret the morning after.

Here are some responsible drinking practices you might want to follow when you next attend an event in Miami.

Preset Your Limit for Drinking

Feeling tipsy is the first sign that you’re getting drunk, but too often, you ignore it in favor of the newfound, albeit temporary, boost of confidence it’s afforded your usually shy, closed-off self.

While most people don’t usually get drunk until after they’ve had a second drink, it’s different for everybody. There’s also the fact that you don’t have to be visibly drunk or unstable on your feet to start making poor decisions.

All that to say, presetting a limit is the only way you can avoid regrettable life choices in one night and a raging hangover the next morning. Only you know how many drinks it takes to make you lose control, so choose wisely.

Don’t Drink on an Empty Stomach

Never start drinking without food in your system. If you’ve skipped a meal beforehand, be sure to hydrate and alternate with appetizers as you drink because alcohol can have dehydrating effects.

As you eat and drink water, your body is better able to absorb the alcohol, delaying intoxication. If you’ve forgotten to drink water before or during the drink, remember to drink at least one glass of water or Coke after.

Partygoers in the Background and Beverages in the Foreground

Don’t Mix Your Poison

Cocktails are the fastest way to get drunk, and if that’s not on the agenda tonight, you’re better off without that hard stuff. The tipsy feeling won’t take you by surprise with a simple wine or beer. It’ll actually be more gradual, giving you enough time to slow down.

If someone’s just offered you a drink, make sure you know what’s in it before accepting it. It may look harmless but may very well pack a punch.   

Be Ready to Say ‘No’

You need to say ‘no’ to a drink when the occasion calls for it. You don’t have to turn it down outright. You could just deter anyone from offering you one by holding another drink in your hand. That shouldn’t be a problem if you pace each drink.

However, if you’ve already met your night’s quota, you could always alternate with a mocktail or water. If that, too, doesn’t get the message across, be prepared to say something along the lines of, “I drove here,” or “No, thanks, I’m taking it slow.”

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