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Tri-Rail announces new express train to MiamiCentral Station to beat the rush hour

One-Seat convenience and reduced travel time starting July 1st with Tri-Rail express train

Commuters in South Florida, rejoice! The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) has announced a momentous improvement to the Tri-Rail system – a brand new express train service launching on July 1st, 2024. This exciting addition promises a faster, more convenient way to travel between West Palm Beach and Downtown Miami, offering a one-seat ride that eliminates the need for transfers and additional waiting times.

Tri-Rail Express service for a seamless commute

Gone are the days of piecing together your commute with multiple trains and stops. The new express train will depart from the West Palm Beach Station at the opportune time of 6:30 am, making limited stops at key locations throughout its route:

  • Boca Raton Station: This stop caters to commuters residing or working in the Boca Raton area, allowing them to board the train conveniently without unnecessary backtracking.
  • Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport Station at Dania Beach: This strategically placed stop ensures easy access for airport employees or those traveling to and from the airport via Tri-Rail.
  • Metrorail Transfer Station: This final stop before MiamiCentral Station maintains connectivity for those who need to transfer to the Metrorail system for further travel within the Miami metropolitan area.

Reaching its final destination at MiamiCentral Station by 8:05 am, the express train boasts a travel time that's over 30 minutes faster than the standard route. This translates to significant time savings for busy commuters looking to streamline their morning routine. Imagine catching an extra half hour of sleep, enjoying a leisurely breakfast, or even hitting the gym before work – all thanks to the efficiency of the new express train.

The benefits of the express service extend beyond the morning commute. For those heading back home in the evening, a dedicated return express train will depart MiamiCentral Station at 5:35 pm. This ensures a quick and comfortable journey, allowing you to unwind after a long day without the hassle of multiple transfers or extended waits. Whether you work late hours or prefer a stress-free return trip, the evening express train caters to your needs.

Passengers traveling to and from Miami Airport Station will also benefit from the new schedule. The later departure time from the airport station, which accommodates increased airport traffic in the late afternoon and early evening, is a welcome change. This improved accessibility caters to the needs of airport employees with evening shifts, allowing them to rely on a reliable and efficient public transportation option.

A train crossing a bridge in front of a building.

SFRTA enthusiastic about enhanced service

The introduction of the express service doesn't disrupt Tri-Rail's commitment to existing riders. The current schedule remains in place, offering 26 trains on weekdays and 23 trains on weekends for MiamiCentral via the Metrorail Transfer Station. This ensures continued accessibility for those who rely on existing routes and connections.

Dave Dech, Executive Director of SFRTA, expressed his excitement about the upcoming improvement, highlighting its benefits for passengers. He stated that the one-seat ride and reduced travel time would enhance the commuting experience for existing riders and attract new passengers to Tri-Rail.

To ensure a smooth transition for existing and potential riders, Tri-Rail encourages everyone to stay updated on the latest developments. Copies of the revised schedule will be available on the Tri-Rail website and social media platforms in the weeks leading up to the July 1st implementation date.

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