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6 Ways to Spend Less on Monthly Transportation in Miami

Save more money by understanding more about public transportation in Miami

Tired of spending on fuel, cab fares, and other inconvenient, expensive, and draining forms of transport to get around Miami? You're definitely not alone, especially given how expensive and time-consuming transportation in Miami can be.

But it's not all bad, especially if you know your way around.

There are plenty of tips and recommendations to help you save more as you get from one part of the city to another, including:

1. Use the Miami Metrorail for longer distances

The Metrorail is one of the fastest, most convenient modes of public transportation in Miami. The 25-mile elevated rail system can get you from the airport to South Beach in a fraction of the time it would take to go by car or other alternatives. That's because it has direct connections running through town and runs on a strict enough schedule to give you maximum efficiency.

2. Explore Downtown Miami through Metromover

Alternatively, when you're in Downtown Miami and closeby areas, the Metromover is a great option. It runs on a loop around the area, giving you the option to get off at the stop of your choice. It's convenient for you to explore that part of town or get multiple things done in the region so you can plan out your tasks and errands accordingly.

3. Get a pass for the Metrobus and save more

Another great option is to get a monthly pass for the Metrobus. There are passes for locals that you can top up with balance each month, as well as an EASY Ticket for tourists and travelers. The EASY Ticket is also great for people who don't frequently use transport, allowing them to save more and use the Metrobus as and when needed.  

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4. Enjoy the feel of the city with the local trolleys

If you're looking for something a little more novel, exciting, and still convenient, use the local trolleys to get around. The trolleys are free of cost and run on fixed routes through different neighborhoods and areas. You can hop on board and get off at your chosen destination pretty easily, without needing to spend a ton.

5. Walk and stroll around wherever you can

Miami isn't the most walking-friendly city, but that doesn't mean you can't walk around at all. In fact, it's an excellent place to get your steps in, walk around and explore places on foot. Historic neighborhoods like Little Havana and Little Haiti, the Art Deco District, and other areas are perfect for walking around. You can easily enjoy yourself while taking in the scenic views, local stores, and attractions.

6. Try cycling and alternative personal transport

In addition to all of the above, you can also rent out bikes, carpool, or try out some other forms of shared or personal transport that are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and generally more efficient.

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