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City of Miami Adds New Trolley Stops at River Landing

Miami’s new trolley stops are a step in the right direction for the city’s mass-transit system.

Miami’s mass transit system is one of the most diverse public transport systems in the US, and it got even bigger with new trolley stops in Miami’s River Landing. With the Metrorail, Metromover trains, cabs, buses, and other options to get around town, there’s also the free and accessible trolley system.

The City of Miami has announced two additional stops at River Landing for two of their major routes, particularly NW North River Drive (north side of property) centered in the middle of Chase Bank and Aspen Dental and at NW 11th Street (east side of property) adjoining the park.

The stops came into operation on Monday, January 17, 2022, and work between 6:00 am and 11:30 pm, and given that they are free and accessible, they are going to enhance Miami’s public transit system even further.

The importance of Miami’s trolley system

Miami’s public transit system, especially their trolleys, are essential to the community, especially in mixed-use developments like River Landing, where people are going for their businesses and their residence.

The trolleys, which are free of cost, run along particular routes and tracks all throughout the city, including the Stadium and Health District routes which have now been upgraded to add the River Landing stops.

The trolley system is helpful for millions of commuters in Miami who are looking to get from one destination to the other, without having to depend on cabs, buses, and other alternatives, or finding the nearest Metrorail and Metromover stations.

It’s also important for commuters needing to go short distances without having to pay full fares. The trolleys are convenient, accessible, and run through most major localities in the city, enabling commuters to move around more easily.

Some of the areas the trolley runs through include Brickell, Little Havana, and Coral Way, among others, providing fairly central and widespread access.

A picture of a Miami Trolley in all its glory.

How users can commute via the trolley stops in Miami

Locals and tourists alike can use the trolley system pretty easily, thanks to the abundance of trolley stops in Miami. There are also applications for both iOS and Android users that provide them with detailed schedules, information about the stops, as well as real-time updates about their arrival and schedules.

They can also find most of the information they require on the Miami-Dade County’s official website, where regular updates, information, and changes to the system are posted.

The trolleys run on a set schedule along particular routes, making it one of the most reliable forms of public transport available to Miami locals who wish to get from one district or locality to another. The option is growing in popularity as new routes continue to be added and the network steadily expands to move all throughout the city.

You can learn more about initiatives to improve Miami’s public transit system by individuals like Commissioner Eileen Higgins, as well as general attempts at making public transport more accessible, efficient, and easier to use for locals.

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