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A guide to Tri-Rail's new West Palm to Miami express route

Tri-Rail's express route is eco-friendly and gets you between West Palm and Miami faster

Florida commuters rejoice! As of July 1st, 2024, Tri-Rail has launched a pilot express route that reduces travel time between West Palm Beach and Miami. This exciting addition promises a quicker and more convenient way to navigate South Florida's bustling corridor.

But before you hop on board, here's everything you need to know about this new express service:

Speeding up your commute

The biggest perk of the express route is undoubtedly its speed. The train significantly reduces travel time between the two locations by making limited stops at Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, and Hialeah.

The morning train departs West Palm Beach at 6:30 am, arriving in MiamiCentral by 8:05 am. The evening service leaves Miami at 5:35 pm, reaching West Palm by 7:05 pm. It translates to roughly a 30-minute time saving compared to the regular Tri-Rail schedule, making it a perfect option for weekday commuters.

A stationary train at a train station platform, waiting for passengers to board and depart.

Planning your trip

While the express route boasts a faster travel time, it's important to plan your trip accordingly. Unlike the regular trains that hit most stations, the express service has limited stops. Ensure your origin and destination stations are on the express route before heading out. Tri-Rail's website and social media channels provide detailed schedules and station information to help you plan your stress-free commute.

Ticketing and fares

Fares for the express route differ slightly from regular Tri-Rail tickets. A round-trip ticket costs $35, making it a cost-effective option for frequent travelers. Remember, you can use your EasyCard on the express trains, ensuring a seamless boarding experience. Tri-Rail offers various fare options and discounts, so explore their website for details that suit your travel needs.

What to expect on Tri-Rail

The express route is a fantastic addition, but Tri-Rail offers a robust network of services beyond this pilot program. The regular train schedule remains unchanged, providing frequent service to all stations throughout the week, including weekends. Passengers can also connect to other public transportation options at various Tri-Rail stations, making onward journeys a breeze.

A greener way to travel

Choosing Tri-Rail over car travel offers significant environmental benefits. By reducing traffic congestion, Tri-Rail helps to minimize air pollution and your carbon footprint. South Florida is known for its sunny weather, and riding the train allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery while someone else handles the driving.

The future of Tri-Rail

The express route launch is a positive step towards Tri-Rail's future development. The pilot program will be closely monitored to assess its effectiveness and ridership. With positive feedback, the express service could become a permanent fixture, potentially expanding to include additional routes and frequencies.

Tri-Rail's express route is a welcome addition for South Florida commuters. By offering a faster and more convenient travel option, it has the potential to revolutionize the way people navigate the bustling Miami-West Palm Beach corridor. So, ditch the traffic, hop on board the express route, and experience a smoother, greener commute.

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