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Greater Miami Expressway Agency celebrates one year of progress with a focus on efficiency and transparency

Reforms prioritize toll savings, fiscal stability, and improved operations

The Greater Miami Expressway Agency (GMX) is marking its first anniversary with a focus on significant progress made in key areas of reform. Since its transition a year ago, GMX has implemented a series of improvements to strengthen governance, enhance financial stability, and streamline daily operations.

Strengthening governance for transparency and accountability

One of the key areas of focus has been establishing a more transparent and accountable governance structure. GMX implemented new agency bylaws and policies to ensure clear guidelines for operations. Additionally, they conducted comprehensive policy reviews across all departments and held two board elections for officers, solidifying leadership positions. More importantly, the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization appointed its two representatives to the GMX governing board, reducing the number of pending appointments to just two.

Recognizing the financial burden on daily commuters, Greater Miami Expressway has implemented incentive programs that provide toll savings for frequent users. This commitment to affordability demonstrates the agency's understanding of the community's needs.

Financial stability is vital for any organization. Greater Miami Expressway has made significant strides in this area by implementing cost-cutting measures that have strengthened its fiscal position. This proactive approach has garnered a stable outlook from the Fitch ratings agency. Additionally, GMX successfully passed its inaugural budget and a five-year work program. This comprehensive plan identifies key projects for completion, including further geotechnical assessments and an independent cost estimate for the highly anticipated Kendall Parkway expansion.

GMX Executive Director Torey Alston said that over the past year, Greater Miami Expressway had implemented meaningful reforms with a focus on maintaining continuity and stability for the region. He added that with a renewed mission and vision aimed at congestion relief and innovative technology, the agency had begun to reemerge as a leader in the industry.

GMX Board Chair Mariana "Marili" Cancio determined that the changes made at GMX were aimed at three primary goals: enhancing fiscal discipline to optimize resources, providing toll savings to lessen the financial strain on daily commuters, and enhancing user services. She expressed her satisfaction with the progress made on all three fronts and stated her excitement for the year ahead as they implemented the approved budget and work program.

Aerial view of a Greater Miami Expressway with bridge over river.

Greater Miami Expressway - Streamlining daily operations for efficiency

Ensuring the smooth day-to-day operations of the expressway system is crucial for commuters. Greater Miami Expressway has established a process for timely payments to employees, contractors, and maintenance providers. This focus on efficiency ensures consistent upkeep of roadways and eliminates potential disruptions. Furthermore, by bringing certain services in-house, GMX has streamlined operations and reduced associated costs. A formal assessment of Monroe County jurisdiction was also conducted to gain a clearer understanding of their role within the Agency's operations.

Open communication with stakeholders is vital for building trust. Greater Miami Expressway has actively re-engaged with key community leaders to discuss their vision for meeting the region's growing infrastructure needs. This collaborative approach ensures that plans are aligned with the community's best interests.

Recognizing the importance of a skilled workforce, GMX has conducted a comprehensive assessment of all employees. This evaluation paves the way for targeted training and development programs that will enhance employee performance.

Additionally, GMX has prioritized hiring top talent based on merit, ensuring a highly qualified workforce. Further strengthening the agency's internal structure, they have revamped the human resources department and established a new ADA Policy, demonstrating a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Last month, the GMX Board took a significant step forward by approving its inaugural budget for fiscal year 2025 and a five-year work program outlining plans from 2025 to 2029. The $290.8 million budget reflects projected regional traffic growth and prioritizes maintaining current bond ratings without toll increases.

This commitment to affordability and fiscal responsibility ensures the long-term sustainability of the agency's operations. For more details on the FY2025 GMX Budget and the Five-Year Work Program, visit the FY2025 GMX Budget and the Five-Year Work Program.

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