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5 fun summer activities to try with your kids

Enjoy these summer activities with young children and teens that are unique and interesting

Summertime is the perfect chance for families to bond and spend time together, hanging out, making memories, and going on adventures together. We have some great ideas for summer activities around Miami that you can do along with your kids and make memories to last a lifetime.

Check out these fun and unique ideas for summer activities for your children:

1. Go on bike rides together

Riding a bike is one of the most amazing activities you can do together, given that it's a wonderful way to get physical movement, activity, and fresh air all in one. Map out routes that you can do with your kids, including trails and parks that are kid-friendly. It's also an amazing cardiovascular activity that you can do for better health!

2. Try gardening together

Another great option for fun summer activies with your kids is gardening together. You can grow your favorite vegetables together, grow flowers, shrubs, herbs, or really anything in your backyard or apartment balcony, including these plants that do particularly well in Miami. Space is never an issue, and gardening is one of the most fulfilling and enriching activities any child and parent can do together. Go step by step, teaching them how to propagate, make fertilizer mixes, compost, and other parts of the process, so they learn more.

3. Take time out to give back

One of the most important lessons you can teach your child is the importance of giving back, and you can do so by volunteering together. Pick a cause that matters to both of you, whether it's helping underprivileged kids, senior citizens, in food shelters, or any other, volunteering together to give back. This builds a spirit of compassion and empathy, teaching them how to give back to people around them while also giving them the chance to do the same. We often lose sight of things that matter, and this is the perfect time to do that as well as try unique summer activities.

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4. Join in a fun physical activity

In addition to physical summer activities like cycling together, you can also take up a parent-child yoga class, go hiking or running together, or just rough it out in your local park. Having a fun physical activity is a great way to build healthier habits together, enjoy your time together, and get some much-needed exercise.

5. Write together about your life

One special activity that will help you and your kids bond more, and double as a productive activity, is to write together. Blog, write on pen and paper or start a journal in the summer, but no matter what you do, use this time to appreciate each other, express your love for each other, and get your minds working. You can use different prompts for inspiration, write about your day, and work on different activities that inspire you to write.

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