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4 sports that improve your cardiovascular health

Sports like swimming and cycling improve your cardiovascular health so you can be stronger, happier, and more active

Not many of us realize that cardiovascular health is a huge part of our physical well-being. Your heart is a muscular organ and needs regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. However, as we get older, our hearts become weaker and less efficient at pumping blood. An unfit heart not only increases your chances of getting heart disease, but it also means you’ll get tired more easily. Certain sports are better for heart health than others.

Here are some sports that will give your heart a good workout:


Running and jogging are excellent ways to increase your heart rate. Ideally, you should be working hard enough to raise your heart rate and rest as little as possible. A 20-minute sprint every day is a great place to start building stamina. You can gradually increase the duration and speed every week or so.

After a successful sprint, your body will continue to burn fat even after you've stopped moving. Participating in a race or running with a group is both fun and pushes you to work harder on your cardiovascular health. The best part about going on a run in Miami is all the stunning sites you get to see!


Cycling is less stressful on the knees than running, which makes it suitable for people of all ages. It enhances joint mobility, reduces body fat ratio, and therapists often recommend it as a form of physical therapy. Whether you’re on a bike on the road or a stationary bike at home, your heart will get a good workout.

Cycle at high speeds if you want to cycle to build endurance and burn calories. To get the most out of your workout, stick to a set pace for as long as possible.

A person swimming in a pool.


Swimming is one of the best sports for cardiovascular health and fitness. It gives you a full-body workout while strengthening your heart, making sure it pumps blood smoothly and efficiently throughout your body. You can cut the risk of heart disease by 40% and keep your blood pressure at a normal level if you swim regularly.

The next time you’re at the pool, take your time and practice different swimming techniques. No matter what stroking technique you go for, try to swim for long periods of time to build endurance.


In tennis, you'll burn fat while increasing your oxygen intake, which in turn will raise your heart rate and keep you in peak physical shape. Tennis also maintains the recommended heart rate (60-80%) for aerobic fitness. It helps your heart supply nutrients and oxygen to your cells, blood vessels, and muscles.

Tennis is the kind of sport where you can easily change up the tempo from intense to relaxed if you don’t want to break a sweat. Ask your friends or partner to join you for a game of singles or doubles, serve, volley, and enjoy!

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