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Hope for Miami's MenUp Program is nurturing fathers and building communities

Learn more about the impactful work of Hope for Miami's MenUp program - empowering fathers and fostering community resilience

In an exclusive interview with Mr. J Martinez, CEO of Hope for Miami, the organization's commitment to strengthening families and communities through its MenUp program was illuminated. Martinez provided insights into the mission, challenges faced by young men in Miami, success stories, program strategies, and avenues for community involvement.

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MenUp Mission and vision

Martinez elucidated the essence of the MenUp program, funded by The Children's Trust, in nurturing positive relationships between father figures and their children. "MenUp aims to cultivate thriving families and communities by encouraging positive relationships between father figures and their children," said Martinez.

Recognizing the irreplaceable influence of fathers in child-rearing, the program endeavors to empower fathers through workshops, evidence-based curricula, and various activities.

Addressing key challenges

Highlighting the absence of fathers as a significant societal issue, Martinez emphasized the program's role in empowering fathers to be nurturing and present in their children's lives. "Authentic nurturing involves purposeful actions to build strong bonds with a child," he remarked. By investing in fathers, the MenUp program aims to mitigate the adverse outcomes associated with father absence, including poverty, behavioral problems, and substance abuse.

Positive impact and success stories

While still in its nascent stages, the MenUp program has begun fostering a supportive community of fathers. Martinez shared insights into the participating fathers' diverse strengths and approaches to nurturing their children. "Each father and child relationship is unique," he noted, emphasizing the program's role in facilitating personal growth and skill development among fathers.

Strategies and initiatives

The MenUp program employs a 13-week curriculum tailored to the diverse backgrounds of participating fathers. Martinez underscored the program's commitment to acknowledging and embracing individual life experiences while providing guidance and resources for nurturing parenting. Through mentorship and community support, the program aims to empower fathers to take on mentoring roles for their children and others lacking active father figures.

Community involvement

Martinez extended invitations for community members and potential volunteers to engage with the MenUp program. Interested individuals can participate in the curriculum or bring it to their locations by contacting the program manager, Mikey Bermudez. Additionally, opportunities exist for volunteering and mentorship roles, with Martinez emphasizing the transformative impact of community support.

Supporting the mission

Acknowledging current funding limitations, Martinez encouraged contributions to sustain and expand the program's reach. A donation of $1,700 or any amount towards it can support a cohort of ten father figures through the program, encompassing thirteen lessons, resources, meals, and a graduation celebration. Martinez urged interested parties to reach out to the program manager, Mikey Bermudez, at, for further details on contributing to this vital initiative.

As Hope for Miami's MenUp program continues to make strides in nurturing fathers and building resilient communities, Martinez reiterated the organization's commitment to empowering families and fostering positive relationships. Through collaborative efforts and community support, the program endeavors to create a brighter future for Miami's youth and families.

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