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10 Summer activities for kids in Miami

Enjoy summer activities in Miami with these ideas, events, and happening across town

Summer in Miami means kids are off from school, the weather is always warm, and it’s the perfect time to make memories to last a lifetime. As kids spend more time at home and have fewer opportunities to learn, socialize, and generally rest and recharge, here are some great activities that they can try this summer:

Here are some pretty cool Summer activities for you to enjoy:

1. Visit the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

The Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is one of Miami’s treasures. Doubling as a planetarium and aquarium, it’s the perfect place for kids to learn more about the world around them and engage in various activities.

2. Make a trip to the Zoological Wildlife Foundation

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation dedicatedly focuses on educating the general public about dozens of species and habitats of wild animals. Learn more about their work on their website and plan a trip accordingly.

3. Head to local splash pads and water parks to cool off

Miami is full of great splash pads and water parks where you can cool off in the hot summer activities. There are several opportunities for water-based activities, including parks, pools, sports, and more.

4. Check out state parks like Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

The Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is one of the best places in the region, but there are also various other state parks where you can enjoy some adventure. Go camping, hiking, and swimming, either during a day trip or on the weekend and many other Summer activities

5. Go down to Miami Beach for effortless Summer activities and fun

But if you’re not in the mood for a trip, and can deal with tourists, head to Miami Beach and spend time there. The beach is the perfect summertime spot, and you can enjoy the sun, summery snacks, and just relax.

A young girl peeks out of a net surrounding a trampoline in the playground.

6. Unleash their creative side with the Miami Children’s Theater

The Miami Children’s Theater is the perfect place for your kids to unleash their creative sides. It’s a place where kids produce, direct, act in plays, and do much more. They can participate or just enjoy themselves as audience members.

7. Go wild together at the gorgeous Flamingo Park

Flamingo Park is located in South Beach, packed with tons of activities, including swimming pools, a football field, and a lot more at their Aquatic Center.

8. Pay a visit to the wonderfully made Miami Children’s Museum

The Miami Children’s Museum offers tons of exciting exhibits, artwork, interactive information, and much more. You can plan a trip based on some exhibits that are coming up, different attractions, and more.

9. Join local summer camps and participate in local events

Miami is such a diverse city; there’s always a lot happening, from summer activities and camps to local events and much more. Keep an eye out on local events organized by the county, different organizations, and things in your locality.

10. Use the summer months to learn a new skill of their choice

Lastly, there’s no time like the present for the kids to pick up a new skill. They can learn to paint, cook and bake, swim, do DIY projects, and so much more during the summer, exploring hobbies and interests simultaneously.

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