You're only a Miami expert if you have done these 3 things

Millions of tourists make their way to Miami each year, and although the pandemic had slowed things down, there’s still a rush of tourists visiting the popular destination. With millions of new tourists, Miami also gets frequent trips from tourists who have made Miami their go-to location. If you happen to be one of those repeat tourists, we can test just how much of a Miami expert you are in and around Miami based on these indicators! 

You know where to get good Cuban food 

It should be illegal to visit Miami without getting your belly filled with delicious Cuban food that has you smacking your lips and wanting more!

Cuban cuisine is incredibly popular in Miami, and Little Havana hosts some of the most beloved Cuban restaurants in town. Whether you’re looking for fusion dishes or for something more authentic, you can find it all in top spots in Miami. And if you happen to be a Cuban food expert, then chances are you’ve gotten a taste of Miami almost as well as the locals have! 

You have acquainted yourself with Miami’s history

To feel connected to Miami is to understand its roots and how it came into being one of the most culturally diverse places in the US.

You can’t call yourself an expert if you haven’t divulged in a cultural trip around Miami. Whether you’re a fan of urban art or historical monuments, Miami gives you the chance to know more about its history up close and personal thanks to the many museums spread across the city! With free entry and easy availability, you can book yourself a trip around the many cultural museums in Miami to school yourself on the greatness that it possesses! 

You do more than go to the beach

While the white sandy beaches of Miami are definitely worthy of a visit, they shouldn’t be the only thing on your itinerary!

If you come back home from your trip to Miami and can only brag about you lounging at the beach and heading back to your hotel room, then you’re not as well acquainted with Miami’s popular tourist spots as you might think.

If you really want to get the full Miami experience, keep checking Calle Ocho News for expert advice on things to do in Miami that will make your trip memorable! 

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