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4 of the best Cuban Food Restaurants to Check Out

Cuban food is one of the most incredible cuisines in the world—without any bias. Flavors are complex, yet ingredients tend to be simple. There is a lot of blending and borrowing from other cuisines, making it all the more special and rich. You'll find all kinds of flavors and textures, with spices, aromatics, and the freshest ingredients coming together to make this blend. 

If you're on the prowl for the best Cuban restaurants in Miami, you have to check out the following places and try some of their signature meals:

El Cristo Restaurant

Easy on the pocket, classic, cozy, and offering you a wide range of fusion food, El Cristo Restaurant brings together the best Cuban-American cuisine.  You must try their large portions of authentic Cuban foods such as incredible croquettes, steaks, and of course, their delicious drinks. You can't stop by without having their famous mojitos and milkshakes! Check out their lunch, dinner, breakfast, and drinks menus here. 

Old’s Havana Restaurant

Another fan favorite, Old’s Havana Restaurant pays homage to Old Havana with its gorgeous interiors and outdoor patio.  It is located on Calle Ocho but transports you through time to explore Cuba's charm. You'll never be disappointed with their authentic foods and flavors. You can expect to indulge in everything from dessert to drinks. Treat yourself to the delightful gastronomic experience this beautiful restaurant offers, along with sights, sounds, and ambiance. 

Palomilla Grill

Where do you go when you want the most delicious, most decadent, Palomilla steak in town? Its namesake, the Palomilla grill, of course. The thin slice of steak is seasoned in fresh herbs and lemon and paired with a side of rice and beans. It's filling, nutritious, and downright mouthwatering. The meat is tender and pairs exceptionally well with the sides that are must-haves. They have other menu items too, but this one is their standout dish. 

Little Havana 

How can we talk about Cuban food without talking about Little Havana? Not the neighborhood—which is, of course, central to anything Cuban—but the restaurant that bears its name. The restaurant has been in business for years, bringing forward incredible delicacies including tamal, croquettes, and other classic Cuban foods, as well as one of the most impressive drinks and desserts menu. They also offer vegetarian alternatives for those who want a change of pace or choose not to have meat. 

This list is by no means exhaustive—there's just so much variety out there and so many incredible food joints that are worth trying! You can find food carts, fancy gourmet restaurants, and small joints across Miami, and during your tours of Little Havana too.

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