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Working Juntos we will face whatever comes our way.

Working Juntos

By working juntos we have hit the ground running in 2020 and we are taking all of you with us.

We want to take this time to launch our 2020 campaign we like to call “Working Juntos.”  Because we know that together we can achieve more we want to promote the sense of inclusion in all matters. Our human nature is built on working together.  No one person can do everything alone and we all matter.  We want to promote unity because we know that the greatest gifts come through selflessness, so we want you to know we are here to serve you. We want Miami to be an inclusive society.  A society where people of different beliefs, faiths, ideology, class, castes, sexual orientations, feel included, despite having basic differences. In a rational, inclusive society the other is not just someone who is ontologically/biologically different from you, but someone from whom you can learn about yourself, so it’s important that the importance of others is recognized as not just being part of a society but for one’s own self-understanding. The basic proposition is that “we as beings are created equal, with our own individual capabilities and capacities”, where it’s impossible to exist without the other, what is needed is basic human values of respect, compassion and an inherent love for someone who is different from us.

In case you have not noticed there is a huge shift occurring in our society.  Everything is more organic and blended, and the Calle Ocho News brand has evolved right along with the times.  There was a time when the words Calle Ocho had a very Cuban meaning to it.  Meaning it centered around everything of Cuban origin such as cigars, café, dominos, etc. Now a days the words Calle Ocho mean so much more.  It is not about a Cuban culture its about our Hispanic culture and what it stands for overall.

The Hispanic culture encompasses the traditions, languages, idioms, religious beliefs and practices, legends, arts, music, literature, cuisine, history, social and family values of the Hispanic people. It consists of the traditions and customs of people with Latin American roots and whose primary language is Spanish.

Calle Ocho News began as a mostly Cuban market publication but rapidly began to reach all Hispanic communities and represent the very diverse Latin American culture in Miami Dade County. From Cubans to Puerto Ricans, Venezuelans, Colombians, Dominicans, Hondurans, Mexicans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Hondurans, Nicaraguans, Argentinians, and even Brazilians.  We basically love people in general and we want to do our part in supporting the human spirit of creativity, struggle, endurance, and love. In these hard-economic times, it is important now more than ever to remind our community of the importance and value of their community newspaper. We at Calle Ocho News know that our role is to help the small and large local businesses that make up our economy both through advertising and in local news coverage.  We highlight local businesses at a time where shopping locally matters most.  Investing in our community helps protect local jobs and allows “mom and pop” businesses to reach their max potential and most local customer’s.   Most importantly each local business has a story that not many know.    Another thing we really like to talk about is things that the citizens and non-citizens of our community do that no one thanks them for.  Our city is like a big clock with lots of spinning parts. Some of these parts are big but they are all set into motion by people who we feel matter most.

We like to talk about the people that make up our neighborhood so that we can all get to know each other a little better. We provide a forum for expression and allow readers to make their voices heard.  We enable ordinary citizens to deliberate on the future of their community.  Amid uncertainty over the quality of our daily economy and the direction of our nation our role is more important than ever.

That being said…

Here we come 2020 we are Working Juntos!!!

Rosi Rosell

Editor in chief

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