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Ways of passing time with things to do in Little Havana

Little Havana

With some of the most artistic murals, cultural gatherings, and restaurants for days – Little Havana is more vibrant now than ever before. To understand the neighborhood in complete detail you’re going to need a guide that takes you through the colorful streets of Little Havana.

Luckily for you – that’s what we’re here for! Whether you’re coming to the neighborhood for the best dining experiences or just because you’re feeling brave enough for a salsa routine – there are several things to do in Little Havana. 

The neighborhood’s stretch known as Calle Ocho that starts from SW 12th to 16th avenue is full of rich cultural air. You’re going to smell delicious food and the raw tobacco from Cuban shops while the Latin music makes you dance to the rhythm. You’ll want to close your eyes and breathe in the vibe right when your day in Little Havana is just starting. 

Here are some of the best things to do in Little Havana.

  • Tower Theater

Miami-Dade College did the neighborhood a favor when it partnered with a historic cinema in the bustling streets of Little Havana. Now, this spot shows classical Cuban films and artistic features from different Latin American countries that take the viewers through a trip down memory lane. Another bonus is the shorts that usually feature films from the budding film students at Miami-Dade College. 

mdc tower theater front miami - Ways of passing time with things to do in Little Havana

During heyday, Tower Theater was the only theater in the city that showed English-language movies with subtitles in Spanish. It’s approach to diversity gave it a distinct reputation which stuck around. And now, it is amongst those rare theatres in the city that features films in several languages.

  • La Casa De Los Trucos

Pushing close to the 50-year-old mark – La Casa De Los Trucos is the oldest spot for costumes in Miami. The business is run by a family and has evolved slowly and gradually from a small shack on the streets of Calle Ocho. Now, it is a large building right across the original spot where it all started. It is a cosplayer’s heaven since it has thousands upon thousands of costumes for enthusiasts. 

casa trucos costumes - Ways of passing time with things to do in Little Havana

It also has makeup accessories and regional ceremonial objects that help you catch the vibe of certain districts perfectly. The shop can also satisfy the prankster within you with the smelly perfumes, fart machines, and the different jokes that can make you the life of the party easily. It’s a Halloween madhouse and it’s worth every second of the rush.    

  • La Carreta

La Carreta can be found on 36th Ave. and SW 8 St. This spot is always loaded with customers that can’t wait to have their turn at the large portion sizes that this place has to offer.

la carreta - Ways of passing time with things to do in Little Havana

If you’ve never visited Little Havana before – now is the time for you to pack your bags and get a move on because there are always things to do in Little Havana!       

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