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Cuban Classical Ballet offers adult ballet classes

Director Eriberto Jimenez says the adult ballet classes are great for your health

The Cuban Classical Ballet School in Little Havana directed by Eriberto Jimenez is offering adult ballet classes. These classes occur every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Jimenez believes the classes provide a complete workout for experienced and inexperienced dancers. 

Before now, the adult ballet classes had been open. Attendees of these initial classes had usually danced when they were younger. After a brief hiatus, the Cuban Classical Ballet School decided to reopen the classes. 

In short, Jimenez notes, “Once you dance, you want to get back out and dance.” He hopes adults will take advantage of these classes as a way to get back out there. 

Jimenez also adds that ballet is a great alternative for those who do not love to go to the gym. Whether you have danced before or not, while doing ballet, every single muscle will be working. Ballet also helps improve posture, strength in muscles, and even mental health.

Cuban Classical Ballet Adult Classes

The latter is a big reason why these classes are for adults. As an adult, mental health is crucial during a busy workweek. It is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, many have suffered stress due to job loss, sickness, or family issues. 

Jimenez believes that ballet gives adults a chance to disconnect from these problems. Once the music is playing, dancers must think about their moves and exercises. Ballet requires concentration, which means you cannot think about other stressful things. 

Because of this, Jimenez notes that adults tend to work harder than the kids in other classes do. In one class, they had women over 60 years old who had danced when they were younger. These women already knew how far they could push their bodies, so they worked as hard as they could. 

Becoming a professional ballet dancer is an eight-year process, according to Jimenez. So, the difficulty of the classes depends on the experience level of the adults who attend them. 

Still, despite your level of experience, Jimenez encourages you to try practicing ballet. Ballet is about controlled movement. You will have complete control over your body and how far you push yourself. Little by little, you will work to build strength and a connection between your mind and body. 

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Danny Tourrenze Ballet Teacher

Dancers and non-dancers alike now have a place in Little Havana to join in on ballet classes. The Cuban Classical Ballet School is now offering 50 percent off the registration fee for the adult ballet classes. 

If you'd like to attend the classes, contact 786-747-1877 or email For more information visit @cubanclassicalballetschool on Instagram or visit

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