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Top Healthy Cuban Recipes Worth a Try

Cuba is 330 miles away, but it has established its roots in Miami, which can be seen in its rich, eclectic cuisine. The heart of any culture is indeed through its cuisine, and while you may know of a good Cuban sandwich joint or the famous hole in the wall eateries, where you can get delicious Cuban-style flan, there are many other healthy options that are hidden in the humble culinary style of Cuban cuisine. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the top healthy Cuban recipes that are definitely worth a try. 

Arroz y Frijoles Negros

Also known as rice with black beans is a staple of authentic Cuban cuisine, which means if you walk into a Cuban restaurant that doesn’t serve Arroz y Frijoles Negros, it ain’t Cuban! This can be served both as a main dish or may accompany a Lechon asado or Ropa veija. But the best part is, Arroz y Frijoles Negros is extremely easy to make. However, it does demand time, especially when preparing the beans. In the end, though, it’s totally worth it, and the creamy texture of the beans, along with the flavorful rice (both healthy), puts this at the top of our top healthy Cuban recipes to try when you’re in Miami. 

Fufu de Plantano 

The Fufu de Plantano or Banana Fufu is one of the many vegan dishes that you will find in Cuban cuisine. The dish is prepared by boiling bananas and adding sofrito, a fried seasoning that’s mashed with the bananas and creates a semi-solid dough. You will often find Banana Fufu alongside chicharrones or other types of meat-based Cuban cuisine and really adds to the flavor. 

Arroz Con Leche

Not all healthy Cuban eating options need to be cooked. Rice pudding made with milk is the go-to sweet dish in any Cuban home or restaurant serving Cuban cuisine. It is really easy to prepare (you only need milk, sugar, cinnamon, and of course, rice), and you’re good to go. The dessert is a must-try if you are visiting a Cuban restaurant, although it is mostly a homemade recipe. 

Arroz Con Pollo 

This is Cuban soul food at its best. The classic dish is made with rice and chicken that’s simmered in tomato sauce, spices, and chicken sauce. This is a traditional Latin American dish that’s also called Locrio de Pollo in the Dominican Republic. But, the Cubans have definitely perfected this one-pan meal. 

Sandwich Cubano

No list of best healthy Cuban foods would be complete without including the humble Cuban sandwich. The Cuban sandwich is considered the most popular contribution (apart from Gloria Estefan) to American culture, courtesy of Cuba. What started out as a lunch option for Cuban migrants working in Florida’s tobacco industry has become the inspiration for countless restos and hole-in-the-wall eateries across the US. This simple yet healthy sandwich is made of cheese, pork and ham, pickles, and mojo salsa. Interested in adopting a healthy Cuban diet? Visit Calle Ocho News to find out more.

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