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Tabañero and LIME Fresh Partner to Host the Freshest Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Ever!

Get ready to spice up your Cinco de Mayo celebration with a tangy twist as Tabañero Hot Sauce and LIME Fresh join forces to deliver a flavor-packed experience like no other

Tabañero Hot Sauce and LIME Fresh announce the union of their forces to partner up and bring a tangy twist to South Florida's Cinco de Mayo celebration this year. It’s Cinco O-Clock somewhere as these two well-known Florida-based brands embark on delivering a new fan-favorite for party-goers, spicing up traditional celebrations with innovative flavors and offerings.

Match Made in Flavor Heaven

Tabañero and LIME Fresh have unite to create a culinary creation that is sure to tantalize taste buds. With their shared commitment to fresh and high-quality ingredients, this partnership promises to elevate the Cinco de Mayo experience like never before.

Introducing the Cinco de Taco

Mark your calendar for May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) because LIME Fresh and Tabañero eagerly anticipate the unveiling of their one-day-only menu item: Cinco de Taco! This special twist on a LIME Fresh favorite combines their original chicken taco recipe with Tabañero's popular Key Lime Habanero Hot Sauce.

This savory citrus plate offers a fusion of flavors that’s irresistible and pays homage to both brands' Florida roots. Don’t miss out—the Cinco de Taco is only available on May 5th, which means you have only one day to “Cinco” your teeth into this collaboration.

Lime Fresh tabanero tacos

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Lime Fresh and Tabañero

On May 5th, the Cinco de Taco will be available for purchase at all LIME restaurant branches. But that's not all - Tabañero will also be hosting Cinco celebrations, offering complimentary sauce samples to enjoy with LIME’s delicious bottomless tortilla chips, tacos, and burritos from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at select LIME Fresh locations.

·       Dadeland location: 9005 SW 72 Pl. Miami, FL 33156

·       Pembroke Pines Location: 601 SW 145TH PL. Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

LIME Fresh: A Local Favorite with a Twist

Both well known brands are thrilled to unveil this long awaited collaboration. LIME Fresh, renowned for its commitment to fresh, high-quality Mexican cuisine, has delighted South and Central Florida customers as a local favorite for more than 20 years. With always-fresh, high-quality ingredients, Mexican-inspired cuisine, and Miami-inspired vibes, LIME Fresh is the go-to destination for those seeking a flavorful and fun dining experience.

Tabañero: Crafting Bold and Flavorful Sauces

Tabañero, on the other hand, has become a staple in the culinary world with its dedication to using all-natural ingredients and crafting bold, flavorful sauces. Their sauces are made with fresh, non-GMO ingredients sourced from local farms and perfectly complement LIME Fresh's menu offerings. Together, they promise a dining experience that will leave you craving more and may make you a LIME fan for life (with a side of Tabañero).

For more information about Tabañero Hot Sauce and its commitment to quality ingredients, visit their website at To learn more about LIME Fresh and its menu offerings, see their website at Get ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style with Tabañero and LIME Fresh - it will be a fiesta to remember!

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