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The Most Delicious Cocktails to Have This Spring

Celebrate spring with these delicious cocktails and treat yourself

Spring means it's the perfect time to indulge in some delicious drinks and blends, and what better way to beat the heat and embrace the wave than with a delicious cocktail of your choice?

We've got a few special delicious cocktail recommendations and ideas that are perfect for spring, giving you something special to look forward to when you're reaching for a drink. Try these yummy spring-themed cocktails and make the most of this season:

Ice tea sangria

Looking for something refreshing, kind of healthy, and very light? Nothing can top an ice tea sangria. Brew your favorite ice tea (chamomile is an excellent choice), add in a dash of some citrus with a few slices of lemon or lime, and add in your favorite white wine. It's a light, fresh, and yummy cocktail that will keep you cool and breezy all through spring.

White rabbit cocktail

It's hard to decide what's more appealing about this cocktail: its gorgeous, creamy white appearance or how delicious it tastes.

The white rabbit cocktail is a blend of amaretto, cream, lemon curd, and vanilla, making it a dessert-like drink topped with fresh flowers. It's a gorgeous milky-white delicious cocktail that tastes exactly how it sounds: dreamy.

The name also fits because you'll turn into Alice in Wonderland from how great it feels when you're sipping on this cocktail. Here's a complete recipe that you can try on your own.


A delicious peach cocktail with a lemon wedge stuck on the corner of the jar.

Rhubarb and gin

Rhubarb is a root vegetable that is often used in desserts like pies and other foods and drinks, and cocktails are no exception. Pairing it with rose gin or regular gin is one of the best ideas you'll ever have because it makes for such a delicious, refreshing drink. The sweetness of the rhubarb will be even better when coupled with the strong flavor of rose gin, giving you a delicious pink drink to sip on.

Pink negroni

Speaking of pink drinks, another great option that you definitely need to try out is a pink negroni. It's the ultimate spring cocktail, made using pink gin, Apero and of course, rose vermouth. Top it with citruses like grapefruit or orange wedges and fresh and delicious mint leaves.

It's a delightfully refreshing drink to sip on, helping you feel cooler and more relaxed as you socialize at your next spring soiree or just hang out by the pool.

Orange blossom and gin

For more citrusy goodness, you need to try orange blossom and gin. This cocktail uses orange water, coconut water, fresh orange wedges, and even flowers for a super hydrating and refreshing drink with a liquor base. Plus, it's also the perfect drink to make you want to lounge by the pool on a hot spring afternoon without worrying about being parched.

Raspberry, peach, and champagne

Lastly, the raspberry, peach, and champagne cocktail is an incredibly popular option that you must have. Tart, sweet, crisp, and cool, it's got everything you need to get into that springtime mood. Typically it's made using peach vodka or juice, some sweet raspberry syrup or puree, and great tasting champagne.

Not only can you make most of these on your own, but you can also order them at your local bar, along with these delicious cocktails that are unique to Miami.

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