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4 of Miami’s Most Unique Restaurants

Discover the most fun and unique restaurants in Miami made unique by their flavors, first impressions, ambiance, and more

Like every other diverse city in the world, Miami has its fair share of authentic culinary hotspots that not only celebrate the city’s Latin American heritage but also highlight its European, African, and Asian influences. Although the best places to eat may seem a dime a dozen on Yelp, they’re slightly overshadowed by those that go the extra mile.

Mi Casa Florida Es Su Casa

Casa Florida is a little slice of heaven located in Little Havana, which is all about color coordination and, therefore, a natural ’gram staple. When you enter these outdoor premises, you’re greeted with blue-painted floorboards and blue chairs paired with a pink canopy, pink tables, and a pink bar.

We’d like to say the highlight is a blue tennis table with a pink net and legs, but their menu takes the cake hands down. Divided into four sections, you’ll find everything from broiled oysters to bite-sized sandwiches on the weekdays and a full brunch menu on the weekends.


No Provisos at Doce Provisions

When speaking of unique restaurants Doce Provisions has cemented Little Havana’s place as a culinarily-rich neighborhood. The restaurant is committed to providing “unpretentious Miami-style food” made from locally-sourced ingredients by a couple of chef-owners who love to cook as much as we love to eat!

Their menu is extensive with individual beer, wine, signature drinks, and soft drinks sections, alongside a food section featuring four courses, each containing modern iterations of classical Cuban food. Come for the food and eat at the tropical-style patio in the back.

Genuinely Chuffed at Gianni’s

If you’re in the mood for some Italian Mediterranean food in one of Miami’s most unique restaurants, head over to Gianni’s, a restaurant located inside the converted Versace Mansion. While this restaurant is on the high-end end of the scale, you’ll find that its ambiance is worth every penny. Find a reservation indoors in the historic dining room, or luck out with the poolside outdoors for a dining experience under the stars.

They have a separate lunch, dinner, wine, and Valentine’s Day menu with plenty of pasta, soups, salads, seafood, and appetizers. The downside: it’s usually booked to the gills, so you’ll have to make your reservation months in advance. The upside: they have a $34 lunch menu, complete with an appetizer, entrée, and dessert!

Itadakimasu Krispy Rice

Krispy Rice offers a Californian twist on good old sushi made from locally sourced and fresh seafood wrapped in sticky rice, and it’s now available at the Wynwood Marketplace at, well, Wynwood, of course!

The market is open Thursday–Sunday, from early afternoons to early mornings. It’s an outdoor venue where you can indulge in the best of art, music, food, retail, and alcohol on a day off.

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