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Quick and Nutritious Snacks for Busy Professionals

Try out these quick and nutritious snacks and stay healthy, fit, and energetic

Nutritious Snacks

When you’re on a tight schedule, running from one task to the next, and trying to manage your day, it’s easy to neglect your health and well-being. It’s challenging to cook and prepare multiple snacks and meals for yourself when you’re running around all day and caught up with different tasks and work.

That’s why it helps to have a few quick and nutritious snacks that you can prep and eat in between meals to help you stay full, satiated, and energized. Try the following nutritious snacks and get the health benefits they offer you all day, every day:

Classic avocado toast and eggs

This can be eaten as a staple breakfast food or as a quick and filling nutritious snacks that include major food groups, including carbs from the bread, healthy fats from the avocadoes, protein from the eggs, and fiber from the hemp seeds. Make eggs your preferred way and pair them with delicious avocado toast for something that will keep you full for several hours. Avocados are generally perfect for your heart health and provide you with a ton of nutrients, so they’re worth adding to your daily diet!

Energy balls that can be customized

Energy balls are easy to make and easier to eat. You can make your favorite kind pretty easily with a few basic ingredients, including dates or honey for sweetening, oats, some nuts, and add-ons that you want. There are many ways to customize them based on preference, making them as sweet, chocolatey, salty, big, or small as you like. The easiest kind requires only a little prep time, no baking, and can easily be carried to work and eaten on the go.


A plate of brown, wholewheat pasta with cherry tomatoes, feta, and basil leaves.

Veggies and homemade hummus

Meal prep some fresh veggie sticks such as carrot and cucumbers, or even celery, and pair them with homemade hummus. Hummus can be made in larger batches and eaten throughout the week, and it’s pretty delicious, nutritious, and filling, plus low on calories. It’s made of chickpeas, which makes it high-protein and will definitely keep you satiated when you snack. If you’d like to throw in some more carbs, have pita chips or soft pita bread with it, or add hummus to your sandwiches and burgers for more flavor and texture.

Easy one-pot pasta for lazy lunch

Pasta isn’t exactly one of the nutritious snacks you think of immediately as a snack, but more of a meal. You can easily add this to your daily routine when you’re not in the mood to cook an extensive meal, but want something delicious, fulfilling, and of course, carb-loaded? One-pot pasta is a perfect idea. This recipe is a great option for when you want veggies, a solid protein source like feta cheese, and want healthier, more complex carbs in your diet, along with some veggies. It’s great for when you’re short on time and need a great meal or something to take to work the next day.

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