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If you’ve grown up in a Cuban household, you will know that food is powerful. Preparing the right cuisine at the right time can lighten up the mood, elevate a celebration and provide you with comfort when you’re feeling down. Similarly, eating right also means staying healthy. While much of the gastronomical options that Cuban cuisine has to offer involves lots of meat and plenty of spices, there are also many healthy options available to whet your palette for Cuban healthy eating options 


Frijoles or beans are a must-have at any Cuban table, whether it’s lunch or dinner. In fact, if there were bean connoisseurs as they have wine connoisseurs, then the Cubans would undoubtedly be the experts. That’s because almost every Cuban recipe contains either white beans, black beans, or kidney beans. In short, beans (including chickpea and lentils) are a given when it comes to a Cuban recipe. And the best part is that beans are super cheap, delicious, and healthy. 

Cocido de garbanzos 

If you’re going vegan, then you can’t go wrong with adding some cocido de garbanzos or Cuban stew to the menu. This recipe is made with tomatoes and chickpeas and is a common sight at authentic Cuban restaurants in Miami that serve vegan options. 


Arroz, also known as plain rice, is another staple found at the dinner (or lunch) table in any Cuban household. That’s because Cubans love to eat rice with just about everything, even vegetables. Rice is also rich in carbs and is an affordable and healthy eating option. 

Verduras y Frutas

You can’t eat healthy without including a healthy dose of verduras y frutas in your daily meal plan. Vegetables and fruits are an absolute must-have if you’ve decided to go the healthy route, and the good news is, you won’t have to abandon the Cuban menu. That’s because there are plenty of Cuban recipes that involve vegetables and salads that are served alongside Cuban meals. In fact, it is common to order a meal at a Cuban restaurant in Miami and have it brought to you with a side of cucumber and cabbage, tomatoes and beetroots. If not, then just add a polite “con ensalada por favor” which means “with salad, please,” to your order if you want Cuban healthy eating options. 

Ending Note

If you live or are visiting Miami, then you can certainly take advantage of the many, many Cuban dining options that have sprung up over the past decades, all of which have contributed to the thriving Cuban culture in Miami. And the best part is, you are not going to be restricted when it comes to the menu because many Cuban restaurants in Miami also serve healthy eating options with no GMO, artificial coloring, or animal products. To learn more about healthy Cuban cuisine, visit Calle Ocho News

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