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The life of baseball player Yasiel Puig on YouTube

Yasiel Puig

The series "La vida de Puig" shows another side of Cuban baseball player Yasiel Puig.

"La vida de Puig" premiered on the Momentum YouTube channel on December 14, 2020, with the episode titled Yasiel Puig is the Most Misunderstood Player in Baseball.

In addition to his skill and strong arm, ‘The Wild Horse’— ⁠as he is nicknamed— has been characterized by his aggressive play inside the diamond, leading him to be labeled by some as a problemed player.

“You do the bat flip and stuff because you're happy in the moment. After several strikeouts and mistakes, you feel like you haven't done anything to help the team,” explains Puig in the first episode.

"At that moment you put your team to win, the bat goes out of your hands and joy comes, and people did not take it well, as if it was something very extraordinary or very unusual. To have my energy and what I have, you have to born again," he says.

Puig, 30, also shows his sympathy, his sense of humor, and the intimacy of moments shared with his family and friends in the series, like in episode 3 Yasiel Puig Bitten By Police K9?!

Since 2014 he has been in a relationship with Andrea Berenice de la Torre, a Mexican influencer with whom he has three children.

Yasiel Puig was born in the city of Cienfuegos, Cuba, and began playing baseball at the age of 9. After several attempts to escape from Cuba, he made his major league debut on June 3, 2013. He played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Cleveland Indians, and the Cincinnati Reds.

The right fielder has been a free agent since October 2019. In 2020, just when he had agreed to a contract with the Atlanta Braves, he caught the coronavirus and his contract was truncated. He spent the whole year without playing.

Yasiel has already begun to push himself and work harder than ever to be ready when the baseball season begins. Meanwhile, you can see him in "La vida de Puig" on the Momentum channel on YouTube.

You can also follow @YasielPuig on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To view the batting statistics and other data for this baseball player, visit his page on the MLB website.

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