Three amazing reasons to visit Calle Ocho in Miami

Towards the west of downtown Miami lies Little Havana and here are some reasons to visit Calle Ocho

Little Havana is popular in Miami for its colorful murals, energetic cultural scene, and delicious food. Because of factors like these, there are several reasons to visit Calle Ocho in Miami. In the past (1930), Calle Ocho used to be a Jewish neighborhood. 

But come 1960, some lucky Cubans escaped Cuba to save themselves from Fidel Castro’s regime and ended up staying in this spot. More noticeably, Calle Ocho is on the Southwest 8th Street. This is between the 12th and 27th avenues, and according to most people, it is the heart of Little Havana. Most of the events that take place in Little Havana happen along this strip. To ensure you don’t miss out on any of the attractions Calle Ocho has to offer – consider taking a guided tour

But if you’re still unsure whether it’s worth your time, we’re giving you a few reasons to visit Calle Ocho.

Kcull Marketplace

Even though this shop isn’t the most extravagant, it’s hard to ignore! It offers several art pieces and creative works from many artisans and painters in Little Havana. Think books, jewelry, handbags, and contemporary art – you’re going to find it all here! The vibe around this place is a lot similar to the plethora of artistry you can find at the Caribbean Marketplace in Little Havana. 

Moreover, you can easily see different artists and all kinds of works being presented in this colorful marketplace. If you’re trying to remember Calle Ocho with a souvenir, this is the perfect place to get one!

The Cigar Shops

No trip to Calle Ocho is complete if you haven’t visited a Cigar shop – even if you aren’t a smoker! The smoking culture has deep roots in Cuban heritage, which is why Cuban cigars are famous for their quality all around the world. Because of this reason, every tourist makes the cigar shop an obligatory visit. Whether you’re visiting Cuba Tobacco Cigar Company or the Little Havana Cigar Factory – you’re going to find premium handmade cigars at every corner. 

There’s also a cigar lounge that you can go to enjoy the cigarette you’ve just bought. It is also worth remembering that, currently, the U.S has a trade embargo going on with Cuba. This means, even though the cigars are handcrafted, the tobacco is from either Central America or the Caribbean. 

Cubaocho Museum

If you love the arts, Cubaocho Museum is one of the most prominent reasons to visit Calle Ocho. This place is unique, has lively art, and the entertainment makes it worth your time as well. This spot has Miami’s most exclusive art pieces that were created by Cuban artists. The walls at this place are full of both pre-revolutionary and modern artwork. 

It also has a live music venue and a full bar. So if you’re an intellectual who likes to enjoy different pieces of artwork – Calle Ocho is the place for you to be!

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