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Importance of skin hydration in the Summer

Skin hydration is more important than ever in the summer months when the harsh sun can cause sunburn and skin diseases

The long, hot days and cool evenings of summer are here. We’re ready to hit the beach or get ready for a long list of pool parties. But while we soak up the sun, our skin can lose a ton of moisture. The extreme heat can cause sunburn and wrinkles – two things that only get more prominent with age. Skin hydration is one of the best ways to keep these problems at bay. This is especially important if you live in a place like Miami where summers are long, hot, and humid.

Reasons why you should give skin hydration the importance it deserves:

Skin gets a healthy glow

Does your skin seem to get dry and dull in the summer months? Chances are it is in dire need of hydration to get back to life. Applying a hydrating serum will get rid of the dullness and give you a healthy, natural summer glow.

This isn’t just important for young adults or teenagers. Even older people should use hydrating serums and drink plenty of water. We become more vulnerable to wrinkles and skin diseases like eczema as we age. Proper hydration will help you ward off skin conditions.

Improves your skin’s elasticity

Your skin changes with age and loses elasticity and softness over time. You want to give it as much hydration as possible so that it doesn’t dry up. When there’s enough water in your epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin), it won’t lose moisture as easily. Regular moisturizing is the key to achieving youthful-looking, plump, supple, and slightly bouncy skin.

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Skin will be less inflamed and itchy

When our skin is dehydrated, it becomes itchy, irritated, and inflamed. People with eczema and other skin conditions may find this particularly distressing. Drinking lots of water every day and using a strong cleanser once or twice a week is a huge help in easing inflammation and helping skin hydration. Keep a small spray bottle filled with water handy at all times and use it whenever you feel the itchiness return.

Your makeup will stay on longer

Have you noted that your foundation gets streaky on sunny days, even if you’ve been wearing it for a few hours? You might also have observed that it oxidizes and darkens quickly on more humid days. Dehydrated and dry skin triggers sebum production, and that causes all these cosmetic issues which is another reason skin hydration is so important.

So, rather than constantly reapplying your makeup, a better strategy is to increase your skin's moisture level. Your foundation will adhere better and stay streak-free for longer. Not only will you save your expensive foundation, but you’ll get a natural glow that beats any makeup product on the market!

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